Thursday, November 8, 2012

Treat Yourself with Our Pre-Holiday Sale

Now that we are in the post-Election season (and relieved of those relentless political ads), we can finally bask in the lull before the major holidays of November and December set in, if only for a moment. But for those who want to rest easy before Thanksgiving--or even Veterans Day--we have a custom-fitted event for you: the Pre-Holiday Buyers Event. Apt title, no?

This special sports enormous discounts, with savings up to 94% off. But the prices alone are secondary compared to these striking, original luxury watches on display. Exhibit A: the fabulous Stella chronograph for ladies. Like all Fossil watches, this piece is all class and an essential fashion accessory. The light blush dial and aluminum bracelet are practical enough for boardroom meetings, without sacrificing that natural feminine beauty unique to the watch.

No one could ever accuse a Stella wearer of being too superficial. At the center of the timepiece, both figuratively and literally, are the pristine 60-second, 60-minute, and 24-hour subdials. The miniature hands and faces not only balance the watch perfectly, but offer authenticity and credibility. Plus, how many of your designer watches include an accurate tachymeter scale? Chances are, you are long overdue for one.

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