Friday, October 31, 2008

Set Luxury Watches back this weekend

Daylight Saving Times officially ends this weekend and we are back to Standard Time so adjust your Luxury Watches back one hour this weekend . This is a friendly reminder from The ,making sure that you don't turn up one hour early to your mother-in-law's birthday party or drop your kid off at Hockey Practice at the crack of dawn.

Now at last World Time Watch wearers like those who don this elegant Girard Perregaux Worldtimer WW.TC Perpertual Calender will be able to utilize this watch to the fullest without having to adjust the time by an additional hour. The World Time watch such as this Patek Phillipe World Time displays the time of all the cities on the dial. The City located at the top of the watch (the 12 'o' clock position on most watches) is the main city where the wearer is at. The time adjacent to each city, is the time of that city. It is night time for those cities on the dial whose hours are displayed in black. This watch is extremely convenient if you need to make dozens of phone calls all over the world but have no time to reflect upon the hour at that location.
This morning at 4am, I got a call my nephew in the Netherlands, who apon hearing my sleepy voice said, "Oh is it early by you" I kind of grunted at went back to sleep.
If he would have had his Worldtimer, the 4am adjacent to New York would have been as black as night, and I would have slept uninterrupted. Not to be a grouch my nephew meant well. He wanted to wish me a good weekend.

Both these incredible watches and many other Worldtime Models are available at The Watchery for incredibly low prices. Take advantage of the great prices, because the next time you need to make a phone call on the other side of the planet, you won't have to spend your valuable time working out their time.

Scary Halloween Watches at TheWatchery

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Watch Avenue. A new virtual world luxury watch website

I have just completed my tour of the www. thewatchavenue. com. A completely new Virtual Luxury Watch World; a project affiliated with media partners Le Monde and The New York times. Nothing quite like this has been achieved in the luxury watch world. The graphics are superb and must have cost a nice little bundle and the outcome is dazzling. The website is exceptionally easy to use and chock a block full of well categorized information. A lovely lady in a charming Afrikaans accent (I think, although it took me a while to place the accent) stares intently at the New York Times and then welcomes the visitor to the World of Luxury Watches . The navigation is extremely simple and entertaining. This project is in its infancy as only a small handful of watches have taken part in this new exciting endeavor.

The visitor can explore exquisite virtual boutiques from Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piaget to Hublot and Raymond Weil where a watch selector is at hand. Corum boutique is opening next October and an imminent boutique opening is expected for Tag Heuer. Each boutique has a different individual greeting the visitor.
One gets a personal feeling when entering this site. Even the "Watchmaking School of Geneva" has a personable professor answering questions about watches. In addition, one can even visit the Tag Heuer Museum. I am curious to see which luxury watch companies and periodicals will become affiliated with this new project.

Let me know what you think.

Corum, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Hublot and Raymond Weil are all available at for a fraction of the List Price... and now just in time for Halloween, The Watchery has reduced the Watch prices an additional 5% to 50%. Kind of freaky if you think about it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Watchery wishes all a Happy Columbus Day!

The Watchery is slashing our prices to meet your budget. This Columbus Day is the perfect day to buy the watch you have always dreamed of but never been able to afford. Visit our website The and you will be amazed by the huge savings.

Christopher Columbus, an Italian navigator, colonizer and explorer, arrived at the shores of the Americas in 1492, and although he was not the first to cross the Atlantic from Europe, he initiated the widespread contact between Europeans and Indigenous Americans. However great as he was he had to circle the globe on the lines of latitude (the parallel lines that circle the earth - the equator circling the earth at zero degrees). To stray from the latitude could mean sailing aimlessly and lost through the mysterious lines of longitude. The lines that threaded from the North to South Pole. At that time there was no means of knowing ones longitude as longitude is based on time - the earth rotating on its axis giving day to night and night to day.

A accurate chronometer that was not effected by the humidity and motion of the sea vessels was required to determine longitude. At the time Christopher Columbus set sail no such timepiece had been created and thus he sailed the latitude.

To find out more about the incredible journey to determine longitude please read my blog:

The Longitude Act of 1714. The desperate struggle for precision.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Actress Charlize Theron must pay up after her 2006 breach of contract with big time endorser Raymond Weil.

A single hour of bad judgment could cost South African Actress Charlize Theron a whopping 20 Million Dollars. Theron wore a Christian Dior timepiece during a March 15th, 2006 press conference at the Texas Film Festival thereby breaking her endorsement contract with Raymond Weil which states that from the period October 2005 through December 2006 Theron could only be seen in public wearing Raymond Weil high-end luxury watches. Theron's wearing Dior was a big slap in the face for Raymond Weil luxury watch manufacturer who in 2005 was gushing about Theron stating that she was a "stunning and radiant woman who transcends any standard definition, and has evolved into a feminine myth, an icon" and "Like a descent watch she represents beauty ,style perfection and function..." After the Texas Film Festival press conference, many newspapers ran the heading " Charlize Theron wears Dior". in turn Raymond Weil, who had spent millions on a wide-scale add campaign with Theron saw no alternative but to sue.

Yesterday, the Oscar winning actress, learned that she will have to pay $20 million Dollars for "substantial damages." This came after a 32 page judgment which includes quite a few facts about the film stars existence. New York Judge Colleen McMahon ruled that Theron was guilty of blatantly and continuously ignoring the terms of the contract; however, most damaging was during the Texas Film Festival.

In the world of multi-million Dollar endorsements, a breach of an endorsement contract is not unheard of but this could very well be the most expensive.

Friday, October 3, 2008

About Baume and Mercier Watches

Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier is part of a core group of Swiss watchmakers;

this core group of watchmakers also includes Cartier and Piaget. Founded in 1830, Baume & Mercier is currently owned by a company known as Richemont, a Swiss luxury goods company that was not established until 1988. Presently, Baume & Mercier has goods representation in seventy-five
countries around the world. Unlike some luxury watchmakers, Baume & Mercier produces a fair number of watches each year, around 200,000.

Read about Baume and Mercier