Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Go for the Gold in Luxury Mens Watches.

He who wears a bold gold luxury watch imparts a sense of style, stature, and self-confidence. Gold has been used in jewelry since man has recorded history, thus it is little wonder why a gold luxury watch is still the preferred choice. Since High Quality Gold Watches are abundant, and span almost every brand, the desire for the perfect gold watch becomes quite a challenge.

1. Know your spending limit. However keep in mind that the watch is an investment to your image. An obviously cheap watch will portray a cheap image. The best way to afford a luxury watch above your means and above your dreams, is to purchase the watch from a reputable Luxury Watch internet site like The Watchery. Your image and your pocket will remain intact.

2. Know yourself. Stand before a mirror fully clad in suit and tie. Envision the perfect watch to complete the look. I have no doubt a watch comes to mind. Now your search begins.

3. Color - Luxury Watches are crafted in its natural color - yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Blue and green gold does exist; however I have yet to see that hue. Rose gold, gold molten with copper, has gained popularity in recent years. White gold is gold with at least one white metal added such as nickel. Yellow gold is traditional, bold and confident. Rose gold has a distinctive warmer look. White gold is hard core and serious , imparting a sense of power.

4. Brand - See what is the hot brand among your friends and social acquaintances. Individuality is great, but recognized individuality is even better.

5. Style and Display - Square, two-toned, sleek, bulky,boxy, with gems.

6. Mechanical versus Quartz. Mechanical is more expensive. The watch is powered by the mainspring which is either wound by turning the knob or automatically wound by the motion of your hand. Not as accurate as a quartz watch but certainly an investment.

7. Functions - Chronograph: Displaying intervals of time.
Automatic Winding: Mechanical watch which winds by the motion of the hand.

Minute Repeater: Striking Mechanism with hammers and gongs for signaling hours, quarter hours and minutes.
Perpetual Calender: Making allowances for different month lengths and and leap years.

Tachymeter: Provides the speed of a moving object.

Tourbillon - presumably compensates the interference of gravity on a watch.

Water Resistance - Most jewelry watches are resistant to 30 meters. Thus resistant to light splashes of water and rain.

... and many more.

5. Comfort - Unlike your cellphone, your watch hugs your wrist 18 hours a day. Comfort is of utmost important.

6. Do your research. A Luxury Watch is for life.

7. Once you have purchased your watch, constant care is of utmost importance to retain the appearance and the precise functioning of your watch.

Ebel Beluga At TheWatchery

TheWatchery.com has the best prices on all Ebel Watches including the famous Ebel Beluga. The great thing about shopping for an ebel beluga at The Watchery is that you also get a FREE watch with every ebel beluga watch.

Here is an image of a classic Ebel Beluga 28 Ladies Watch. Its selling at 59% off!

Here is some history about the Ebel watches company.

Established in 1911, La Chaux-de-Fords, Switzerland, Ebel’s high quality standard has earned the watchmaker's universal recognition for its creativity, technical expertise, and ambition. 100% Swiss made, each watch is the product of a keen eye, a skilled hand, and an unwavering quest for perfection. The movement of an Ebel timepiece is a result of many years of research and development along with each watchmaker’s devotion to finding the technological optimal solution. Distributed across the world in more than 65 countries, Ebel is one of the top five luxury watch brands.

Friday, August 22, 2008


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You cannot afford to miss this sale. Check out our huge selection of brand name watches from:

Ebel, Movado, Baume & Mercier, Concord, Corum, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Breitling, Omega, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Girard-Perregaux, Daniel Roth, Rado, Longines, Raymond Weil.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Omega Ambassader swimmer Michael Phelps Wins 8 Gold Medals.

Micheal Phelps, an Ambassador for Omega Luxury Watches has torpedoed into the History Books by winning a remarkable 8 gold medals. Micheal Phelps an Omega Ambassodor. Michael Phelps has made history, winning an amazing 8 medals. He won the "100 meter Butterfly" by a mere 100th of a second, beating Milorad Cavic. A second in time seems so minuscule, but to be able to measure time in 100th of a second, and to name a winner that is accuracy. That is Omega. Micheal Phelps set seven world records, and beat one Olympic record. Micheal Phelps swims laps in seconds, and it is quite fitting that he has a line of Omega Watches in his name.

The selection includes: Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronometer.
Water resistance: 600-2000 meters.
Movement: Caliber - Omega 2500
Self Winding Chronometer
Co-Axiel escapement movement
48 Hour power reserve.

Domed scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal, Stainless Steel Case and black dial.

Seamaster Planet Orange Chrono- No doubt about it, this is a swimmers watch.
A calibre Omega 3313. This watch sports a Chronograph feature. A feature that is an essential for serious swimmers. It allows you to precisely time yourself in the pool. The Chronograph is a self-winding movement with column wheel mechanism as well as Co-Axial Escapement for precision stability and durability of the movement. The Watch is crafted with a free sprung balance, including date, hour, minute and continuous small seconds hands, central chronograph hand.

Water resistance of 600-2000 meters. Domed Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal. Power Reserve: 52 Hours.

The Seamaster Apnea with Caliber: Omega 3601. This watch is a self-winding chronograph with Free diving timing display for a 14 minutes dive. Water Resistance 300-1000 meters.

The Seamaster Apnea is protected with an anti-reflective Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Self winding Chronograph with free timing diving display for 14 minute dive.

A perfect selection of swim watches that do not have to be left poolside, and which carry the name of the greatest swimmer whose stunning victories are still roaring in the ears of all.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bold and the Beautiful: Luxury Watches by Alain Silberstein

20 years ago, in Besançon an architect by trade, started crafting colorful mechanical watches. This was prior to the mechanical watch come back, and mechanical watches were thought to be hiccuping their way to the finish line. Tiny independent watch company's were few and far between. In a small factory Alain Silberstein ,originally from Paris, spent an entire year designing his first watch, a chronograph He tried to rent a small space in Basel in 85 and then in 86, but there was no space. Finally in 87, he managed to rent a stand the size of a closet, bringing three of his unique watches. The second day of the show, a Japanese man, came to the stand. He loved the watches and placed an order. Alan Silberstein was open for business. Alain Silbersteins' watches are full of living. The watches are exquisitely crafted in bold primary 'toy box' colors: red, blue and yellow. He prides his company with excellent innovation, quality, and service. The latter of which is very difficult to receive in the huge market place of today. Alain Silberstein has incorporated his visions of culture, and nature into his watches. He crafts the watches for the customers. some of whom become collecters of his watches, just like one may collect art, because undeniably Alain Silberstein's watches are art.
The watches all have a clear back, so that one may view the inner mechanical workings of the watch. The watch movements have been crafted to compliment the exterior vivaciousness of the watch
Many of Alain Silberstein's watches have a nature motive, as he has a passion for the wilderness. A love for the earth's untouched wilderness, as well as the different cultures. When Alain Silberstein is not designing watches; he is out leading boy scouts. Many of Alain Silberstein's watches utilize the alligator skin for the case as well as the strap. In this watch it gives an earthy feel.

Alain Silberstein has made a special line of watches to commemorate the Chinese Year of the Rat. In Chinese culture, the rat is a symbol of tremendous charm and attraction. To be born in the year of the Rat, is considered great fortune. In the Year of the dragon, Alain Silberstein went to great lengths to learn about the symbolic meaning of the dragon, and then used an enameling technique to fuse the five fingered dragon- a symbol of the Emperor in Imperial China - to the watch.

Alain Silbersteins watches are highly recognizable with unique fun style crafted with serious watch making skills.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Luxury Watch in your Jewerly box.

There are many Glittering Luxury Watches that fulfill the role of jewelry. That are jewerly. A prime example is the Joallerie 101 Manchette, a slender watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre. Yes Watch! If you look closely, you will see the Joaillerie 101 Manchette with it silver colored dial and sapphire crystal. The watch ,although small, can hold its own, it uses the mechanically wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101 movement. The watch is available with either 576 diamonds or 11 onyx cabochons. The price? Jaeger-LeCoutre has not name a price for this watch as of yet. It is popping up in various places as being one of the worlds most expensive watches in the Current Luxury Watch market. However, if this type of watch appeals to you, do not panic.

There are exquisite jewelry watches that can be purchased for discounted prices at http://www.thewatchery.com/. I have chosen a few of my absolute favorite:

The Corum Debutante Ladies' Watch is the perfect evening watch for the perfect evening. Its mother of pearl dial shimmers against the elegant diamond encrusted bezel. No other piece of jewelry is required on the wrist wearing this watch. The feature I love about this watch is that it is four watches in one. This watch comes with four alternate stainless steel bangles :diamonds; 74 peridots; 74 blue topaz and 74 pink topaz. So whatever your mood, or the color of your dress; you will have a choice. A Precise quartz movement means that it will run from event to event.

Audemars Piguet Facettes Ladies' Watch is deliciously smothered in 890 diamonds; beneath the diamonds rests 18K white gold. The watch simply breathes elegance and taste. A piece of watch jewelry like this will not go unnoticed. This watch will not take the spotlight away from the wearer, it will add to it.

A watch for a bride. Chopard Casmir Ladies' Watch nestles among luscious creamy pearls. When purchasing this watch, you can be assured, this watch will become a family heirloom to past from mother to daughter. I like this watch as it represents a gentle sense of femininity and elegance.

Rado Esenza for the woman who knows what she wants and means to get it. A serious watch. A Watch with a sharp conrast and stark edges: Black Dial, Diamond Bezel and Black leather strap. This watch is perfect for that formal function one must attend.

Concord Soiree Ladies' Watch is a perfect gift for the dashing fiancée to give to his bride. The shape of the watch and its open bracelet loops, suggest infinity. Infinite is the love of two people who give each other the hand in marriage. Am I going a bit mushy, I suppose I am, but it is the effect this gorgeous watch has on me.

I was about to end my post; however , I felt this posting would not be complete without an Ebel Beluga watch. 18K gold and mother of pearl dial, this luxury watch whispers sensuality.The mother of pearl dial softens the color of gold. The Ebel Beluga watch will suit any women, no matter the age or style. The Ebel Beluga is a watch that can be an integral part of a women's persona, never leaving her wrist. This watch will be the constant piece of jewelry on a womens wrist when no other jewelry is needed.

I could go on and on, there are so many to choose from. If you would like to view more jewelry watches go to http://www.thewatchery.com/

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Viral Luxury Watch Video Called Wearing MY Rolex By Wiley

This video went really viral, but it's pretty old news now.
Discovered 06 Apr 2008 , 1,880,815 views , 0 duplicate videos , 64 blog posts ,

This video is still having peaks...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TAG Heuer is about to release its first luxury phone. Discover TAG Heuer Meridiist phone

Fine Watches History - What Makes a Fine Watch Fine?

Omega Luxury Watches opens its Omega Pavilion on the Olympic Green in Beijing.

Olympic Games begin on August 8th, 2008, but Omega watches has made a running start with the opening of its Omega Pavilion, on the Olympic Green. The opening of the Omega Pavilion was a huge ceremony with hundreds of members of the international press and invited guests.
CEO of Swatch Group Nick Hayek, President of Omega, Stephen Urquhart and Omega Olympic Manager, Christophe Berthaud attended the opening. Also present were the President of the International Olympic, Tu Mingde, and four Ambassadors for the Omega brand each of whom are impressive Olympic medalists:

Australian swimmer, Ian Thorpe, who earned multiple Olympic Medals.

Russian swimmer, Alexander Popov, multiple gold medal winner.

China's Yang Yang, the first Chinese speed skater to win a gold metal at a Winter Olympic Games.

and shooter Xu Mai Feng, who was the first Chinese gold medalist at the Summer Olympic Games.

The pavilion is now open to the public, every day of the Olympic Games from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m . The Pavilion covers an expansive 8200 square feet, on two floors. The Pavilion includes a large exhibition center where on display is Omega's legendary watches as well as Omega's innovative timekeeping equipment introduced over the decades since 1932, specialized for the World of Sports. The Pavilion also contains a boutique and a stage for special events. A selection of exhibits highlight not only OMEGA’s legendary watches but also the timekeeping equipment which the Swiss watchmaker has introduced to the world of sport over the past several decades.