Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't Forget to Check out The Deal of The Day at THE WATCHERY

The Watchery has a feature, which adds excitement and suspense to ones day.

The Deal of The Day.

A single watch is hand picked every day to be "The Deal of The Day". Every day a new watch is chosen, and the price is slashed sometimes to as much as 75% off the List Price. Keep a close eye on the Deal of the Day and you will find the deal of a lifetime.

Today's Deal of The Day is the Concord 0311647 Saratoga Silver Dial Stainless Steel and White Rubber Chronograph Men's Watch for only $695 down from the List Price of $ 2,790.00. The Watch ,which includes a chronograph 1/10th Second Register, 30 Minute Register, 60 Second Register, is an excellent everyday watch. The band is stainless steel and white rubber fitting comfortably on ones wrist during a day of hard work. The hour markers are clear and large.

The Watchery sells 100% brand name, genuine watches with serial numbers. The Watchery is your first and only stop to purchase a luxury watch. The prices are unbeatable and hundreds of styles are available.
Remember to check out the Deal of the Day, everyday! Your dream watch may be next.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Watches! Yes it is Time!

A Corum Halloween Story. Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

The wind howling through the trees sends sharp prickles of terror up your spine. You are alone in the huge house set far from the street. Your face shines with a curious blue light cast from your glowing computer screen. Something falls! A shrill howl of pain, and a dull thud against the sliding patio door. Did you lock it? You don't know and too terrified to check.

It is Halloween night and you are all alone.
It is time to purchase a really scary watch from the Watchery.
A bump on the second floor landing; the drip of a leaky faucet; the scuttle of tiny feet; you turn on the music loud. Gazing out the window, you gasp and leap from your chair! You shriek out in horror! There is a face at the window. A white ghostly face with empty eye sockets, empty except for a pulsating red key. The skin on your face tightens and your heart pounds at your ribcage. The screech from the electric guitar adds to your terror. White blinding terror.
Yes !It is time to buy a really scary watch from The Watchery.
Corum Bubble XL Mens' Limited Edition Automatic Watch Blue Bat Dial on Black Leather Strap 082-150-20-0F01-BATS

You spin around searching for an escape. Lurching towards the door, you bang your shin on the coffee table. You don't feel the pain. As you reach the door, it opens by itself. On the level of your nose is a gruesome bat. Its fangs dripping with blood. The leathery wings flap in jerky motions sending puffs of foul air into the house. The bat blocks the doorway, and you cannot get to your car. The car that will take you to the center of town; to the party everyone is attending. Everyone, except you.
Having no choice, you turn and brace for the worst. It is Halloween night after all, and anything can happen. Lightening flashes and you are plunged into darkness and silence. Your eyes are drawn to the only light in your old old drafty house; drawn to the computer screen.

Staggering back to your computer chair, you hear something laugh. The laugh is not quite human, it has a strange guttural sound that weaves into the very fabric of your being. Another wave of panic sets in. The laughter again, and then a bright ball of fire careens through the sliding door window sending shards of glass tinkling to the ground.

"This must be a dream," you say, as the ball of fire stops just before you.

A skull wearing a hat, emerges from the fire.

"It is time to buy a really scary watch from The Watchery," the blazing skull says and the fire ball vanishes in a plume of smoke.
Corum Bubble XL Privateer Black Diamond Mens' Automatic Watch Pirate Skull Dial on Black Leather Strap LIMITED EDITION 082-157-49-F701-PIRR

"It is time to buy a really scary watch from THE WATCHERY," you repeat in a trance like voice, and select the watch you wish to purchase. The Corum Bubble Watch with the skull Pirate. As you add the Watch to Your Cart, the light flickers on. As you proceed to Checkout, the wind abates, and as you make the Purchase, the house is at peace.

You have bought your really scary watch from THE WATCHERY.

Click here to enjoy another R. Van Halem Corum Halloween Horror.

BY R. Van Halem

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gold hits record high, but not at THE WATCHERY

Have you heard the news today? Gold prices have reached record highs, but not at The Watchery. Check out our extensive collection of gold watches at THE WATCHERY. Our watch prices are dipping as low as ever to bring you, our customer, the best bargain. This luxurious Concord Saratoga is yours to keep for just $7,995.00. That is a jaw dropping 69% off the list price. Concord 0310755 Saratoga White Mother-of-Pearl and Diamonds Dial 18K Rose Gold Women's Watch .
You won't find a better price anywhere else. In addition, this gold masterpiece's dial is paved with white diamonds. Diamonds sparkle on the bezel only interrupted by bands of shimmering rose gold.

Ebel Beluga Lady Ladies' Watch 18K Rose Gold Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial Diamond Bezel 5976428/9995050

18K gold adorns this Ebel Beluga, my personal favorite, and you don't have to dig deep in your pockets. The Watchery has slashed its price to $7,995 that is 61% off the List Price. This elegant timepiece is a perfect engagement, wedding or anniversary gift. Show your love and purchase an Ebel Beluga for your loved one.

Concord Delirium Ladies' Watch 18K Rose Gold Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial Diamond Bezel Diamond Bracelet 0311382

Gold, gold and more gold at THE WATCHERY for unbeatable prices. Here is a price you got to see it to believe it. This Concord Delirium Ladies Watch is crafted from 18K rose gold and sprinkled with diamonds; not to mention the mesmerizing mother of pearl dial. A beauty of a watch for ...72% off the list price. This watch can be yours for only $8,495.00.

Breitling Cockpit Men's Limited Edition Watch Automatic 18K Rose Gold Steel Champagne Dial H4935011-H519-361H

You got to be the man to wear this watch. I assure you everyone will notice a timepiece of this calibre, but what they cannot know is how much you spent. This Breitling Cockpit Limited Edition of only 500 pieces, can be yours for 41% off the List Price. This watch can be yours for $16,995, bit small change compared to the glances and respect you will receive. Purchasing this watch will enhance your image.

Buy your gold watches at THE WATCHERY for new low prices. Gold is up, but I prices are down.