Thursday, October 25, 2012

Never Fret Over Our Cartier Watches

We are big Twitter fans here at The Watchery (follow us here!), so naturally we love to comb our feed for the latest trends involving our favorite luxury watches. This particular tweet fell into our laps rather accidentally this past month during one of our many web excursions. The story is one we have heard countless times before. A wife's birthday is coming up, or maybe an anniversary. What does a husband do when he is finally ready to graduate from the stock gift of flowers and candy? For the consummate gentleman, the answer is Cartier.

Like other designer watches, the Cartier name conjures up several erroneous connotations: namely an exorbitant price tag. We certainly do not wish to refuse any wife the watch she deserves, especially if the one she wants is a Baignoire. Of all Cartier watches, the Baignoire model resides in the upper echelon of women's timepieces, but that does not mean you are "doomed" to pay the full Cartier price when you buy from The Watchery. Every single one of our Baignoire watches is 18% off. That means you can opt for the 18k white gold encrusted model or the brown alligator number and still pay the same discount. You will have to hurry though, these are currently our last Baignoire watches in stock!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Affordable Watches from TAG Heuer

Since its inception in 1860, TAG Heuer has specialized in crafting beautiful designer watches for the discerning individual. Year after year, the brand continues to be one of our best sellers at The Watchery, but that is not too surprising. Considering TAG Heuer's penchant for unwavering quality, class, and functionality, it is no wonder why the private Swiss watchmaker thrives after 150 years. Take for instance, this particular model from the Formula 1 family: a stainless steel, white chronograph dial for men.

Now, with a name and reputation as iconic as TAG Heuer, you may think their distinctive line of luxury watches is out of reach for some budgets. Not so. In fact, this black and white timepiece comes with a list price under $1,000. If that fails to shock you, our 18% discount should do the trick: you can buy this watch from us for only $780. At The Watchery, we feel everybody should be able to sport some class on his wrist, and that includes our deluxe brands like TAG Heuer. As always, you can expect this piece to arrive with free shipping and its original factory parts. You will have to hurry though, these watches will not last long!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

U-Boat Pick: The 1916

When was the last time someone complimented you on your wristwatch? Has it been awhile? Has it even happened yet? You are probably in need of a new watch.

Enter the U-Boat 1916. Do not be misled by the model number; this timepiece is hardly early 20th century. The 1916 comes from the "Thousands of Feet" series by U-Boat and is an easy contender for conversation material at your next dinner party.

Just look at the watch once and you will immediately notice the bold, red face and hands are not typical of most watches for men. The brilliant color scheme is decidedly and almost aggressively striking. And while this timepiece is categorized as casual, you will never mistake it for a kitschy novelty souvenir; the U-Boat watches are serious enough for the relaxed business meeting but durable enough for the upstate hunting excursion--it is water resistant up to 100 meters. With this around your wrist, you need not worry about arriving anywhere over- or under-dressed. As you would expect from a designer watch, this model features genuine black leather and Swiss manual winding.

With our standard free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee, the U-Boat 1916 is certainly worth your time. Oh, and did we mention it is currently 63% off?