Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movado's Elliptica Collection on Sale at The Watchery

In 2001 Movado unveiled a unique watch known as the Elliptica selection. A significant breakthrough design. The case is gracefully curved to fit the contours of ones wrist. The winding stem is at the 12 ‘o clock position. The numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12 are in the traditional spaces on the dial. The remaining numerals are lined up at the top and the bottom of the watch.

The Movado Elliptica embodies the essence of Movado, the simplicity in displaying time, as well as a curved case, reminiscent of Movado's revolutionary Polyplan Watch created in 1912. The 1912 Polyplan Watch was a design breakthrough, the entire watch movement was constructed on three separate planes to fit the curved case. Today's Elliptica utilizes the contoured case which provides the utmost watch wearing comfort.

The Watchery is selling these iconic Movado Watches at discounts of up to 74% the List Price. This gorgeous elegant Ladies Watch is discounted from $1,695.00 to $445.00 and the best part is there are more to choose from. Many more.

This exquisite pink Movado Elliptica Watch with a alluring mother-of-pearl dial and a shimmering pink diamond bezel is now available at the Watchery for a mere $959.00. That is a whopping 74% off the List Price. All our Watched are 100% geniune

A Huge Sale is going on now at the Watchery where you can find tons more styles of Movado Watches.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Huge Discounts on Popular Movado SE

"Since the beginning, each Movado Museum Watch design has been, and continues to be an artistic rendering of minimalism and modernity." Words spoken by Efraim Grinberg, CEO of Movado Group.

The Movado SE is no different other than the less than minimal use of the dot. This sporty rendition of the Movado Museum Watch utilizes Nathan George Horwitt dot throughout the bezel and the bracelet in concave high-polished splendor. Unveiled in 1981, this Sporty Movado Collection became one of the most popular and best selling Movado watches. The SE watches are now in their third incarnation. The bracelet is an exquisite blend of highly polished outer links and satin finished inner links. Each link is enhanced with a concave high polished dot for a shimmering brilliance. This watch is built in two sizes in steel with a high-polished bezel and a black, silver or mother-of-pearl museum dial.

The Watchery has a large selection of Movado SE Watches at exceptionally reduced prices. Take 40% off the striking Movado Mens Watch as shown above. The case and bracelet are brushed and polished steel. The single Museum dot shines at the 12 'o'clock position. This watch has water resistance to 30 meters. This watch emits a sophisticated modern look yet with a definite sporty feel.

For the rugged adventurer, Movado SE
is available with the Chronograph function. The dot motif is cleverly designed to enhance the rugged feel but still achieving a touch of desired elegance.

For the athletic women in your life, surprise her with a Women's Movado SE. She will absolutely love it. A perfect blend of color, style and functionality.

Visit our entire collection of Men and Women's Discount Movado Museum watches. The savings are unbelievable. Choose from a classic museum watch style or a more edgy fashion museum watch. Find the Museum Watch you have always wanted but never could afford. Now you can. All the watches 100% authentic with serial numbers. Movado Museum Watches never go out of style. Purchase a Watch from a Movado Museum Collection now and you will enjoy it forever.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is the Geneva Seal?

I recently purchase a Patek Phillipe Luxury Watch with the Geneva Seal. What is the Geneva Seal?

Known as Poinçon de Genève in French or Genfer Siegel in German , the Geneva Seal is the quality seal of the City and Canton of Geneva. It is a certification exclusively reserved for mechanical wrist watch movements made in the City or Canton of Geneva. It is a mark of extreme excellence, quality, precision, endurance and horological expertise.

When was the Geneva Seal created?

November 6, 1886 an enabling statute was enacted, Loi sur controle facultatif des montres (law on the voluntary inspection of watches (from Geneva)) An office for the voluntary inspection of the watches from Geneva ,at the School of Horology, was established. The function of the office was to examine and mark watch movements. Today it is primarily concerned with the finishing and decoration of the watch movement. Presicion testing is available but optional in the inspection process. The enabling statute is constantly being revised, the most recently in 1993.

Why was the Geneva Seal created?

In the late 1800's forgeries were flooding the market. The Geneva Seal was created to protect the unsurpassed quality of Genevan timepieces.

Why would a Watch Manufacturer want the Geneva Seal?

The Geneva Seal is a extensively sought after stamp with movements requiring 40% more work than other movements.. The Seal is held in high regard in Haute Horlorerie circles. The Geneva Seal is extremely difficult to obtain, only an exclusive circle of manufacturing watchmakers are admitted to its use provided they fulfill three conditions.

What are the three conditions required for issuance of the Geneva Seal?

  1. Exclusively mechanical movements which at the very least must be assembled and adjusted within the borders of the Canton of Geneva.
  2. Each caliber is required to meet the Regulators' 12 technical and aesthetic criteria. These criteria define the movement design, and characteristics, production quality and finishing operations.
  3. The Luxury Watch Movements must be approved and Certified by the eight sworn members of the Commission of the Office for the optional inspection of Genevan watches of the Canton of Geneva, acting under the authority of the Department of Public Education.

What are the Regulator's 12 technical and aesthetic criteria?

Compliance with the standards outlined by the Office for the Optional Inspection of Genevan Watches must include the quality of all parts and components of the movement including those used in auxiliary mechanisms.

  1. All steel parts of the movement must display polished angles, sides parallel file strokes, visible face smoothed and polished. All screw heads must either be polished or circular grained. (This type of finishing reduces friction ensuring no metal filings effect the movement)
  2. Movements must be fitted on the going train with ruby jewels in polished holes. On the side of the bridge, the ruby jewels must be semi-mirror-polished. In addition their sinks must be polished. (This ensures that the lubricating oil will spread more evenly increasing the longevity of parts and components.)
  3. A sliding stud cap with a round head and neck must secure the balance spring. (This particular condition creates a huge challenge for the watchmaker; however, it does improve the centering of the balance spring and thus improving the adjustment.
  4. Fitted or split regulators utilizing a fastening system is required. (This condition prevents the shifting of the index assembly in the event of jarring and thus eradicating any impact on the adjustment of the movement)
  5. Geartrain wheels must be beveled on their upper and lower sides and feature polished sinks. If the wheels are 0.15 mm or less in thickness , one-sided (bridge side) bevelling is accepted. (Durableness is increased)
  6. Pinion shanks and faces must be polished. (Providing a marked reduction of friction within the movement and protect it against stray filings which may effect the longevity of the movement.)
  7. The escape wheel must be lightweight. Larger wheels must be no more than 0.16 mm thick and 0.13 mm for wheels less than 18 mm across. The locking faces must be polished.
  8. The ratchet wheel and crown wheel must be finished according to the prescribed models. (Only a select handful of watchmakers today are able to meet this condition.)
  9. The use of wire springs are prohibited.
  10. It is imperative that the lever's angle of travel must be contained by solid banking, excluding pins or studs.
  11. Shock absorbers on movements are acceptable.
  12. Regulating systems with a balance wheel with variable radius of rotation is acceptable.

Is the Geneva Seal the same as the Hallmark of Geneva?

The Seal of Geneva is the actual Seal of the Canton of Geneva which is seen punched into the movement of the watch. Hallmark is an official mark proving the quality and fitness of a product. Both names are referring to the same mark of approval.

Which companies have the Geneva Seal?

Only a select few companies submit all their movements to obtain the Geneva Seal. Vacheron Constatin and Pateck Phillipe are two examples. Other watch manufacturers submit a single collection or a single movement like Chopard's L.U.C collection and the much publicized Cartier's Calibre 9453 MC which obtained its first Geneva Seal.

Where is the Geneva Seal located?

The Geneva Seal is punched on the on the main plate and one of the bridges. The site varies according to the caliber.

Can my watch be called a Chronometer?

No! Unless the title Chronometer has been awarded by the C.O.S.C after the movement has undergone rigorous testing by the C.O.S.C.

Do all watches that display the word Geneva on its dial have the Geneva Seal?

Geneva Seals are specifically punched on the watches movement, having the name Geneva on the dial does not mean that the watch has the Geneva Seal. The name Geneva is governed by the "Bureau de controle des Montres de Geneve." The criteria for this are not nearly as demanding as the Geneva Seal. To display Geneva on the dial, a watch must be:
a) Swiss made and
b) Have at least one of the major operations in manufacturing, either in assembly of the movement or placing the movement within the watch case to be performed in the Canton of Geneva resulting in 50% of the total cost of production to be within the Canton of Geneva.

Some Watch Manufacturers like Vacheron Constantin display an additional Geneva Seal on its dial.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

With Wall Street Sliding how does this effect High End Luxury Items?

Wall Street is churning out stock horror stories quicker than one can imagine. The Dow is going Down as much as 450 points by the 4pm closing bell. Today Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley, the biggest U.S. Securities firms, fell the most ever in New York trading following a government rescue of American International Group Inc. failed to ease the credit crisis. The cost to protect a default by the banks rose to a record. Goldman Sachs fell 26% and Morgan Stanley plummeted 44% leading financial stocks to the lowest level in five years. Ouch! Washington Mutual is putting itself up for auction (No! Not a good sign), Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc bankruptcy filings. Fannie Mae down from $90 a share last year to 0.43 cents... on and on.

Now while Wall Street is falling to its knees in despair or prayer and the economy is slumping, what is happening to the sale of High end luxury products like watches?
According to Bertram Kalisher, executive director of the American Watch Guild:
Regardless of the economy, the world demand for handmade watches remain strong. There is no inventory. The new wealthy - individuals coming to the US from Russia, the Middle East and China - are ramping up demand while supply cannot keep up because certain luxury goods, like expensive watches cannot be mass produced and there is a world shortage of watchmakers.
The American Watch Guild is an association of watch retailers, manufacturers and designers. The American Watch Guild promotes high end products of brands like Cartier, Breguet and Patek Phillipe prices ranging from $10,000 to $400,000.

Luxury Markets are noticing the same sales figures as 2007. US Luxury Companies are attracting rich Europeans who are comparing their Euro to the Dollar, which has fallen about 40% since January 2002 against the Euro. Europeans are spending money in the US market.

In addition, High End Luxury Watches are a symbol of wealth. More and more millioners and billioners are being created all over the world, and a High End Luxury Watch is a status symbol. The Luxury Watch business is global and not confined to a specific area like a luxury swimming pool contractors or luxury apartment rentals. The perfect Watch can be mailed to any worldly destination.

Although the Economy is slumping, Luxury Watches are not feeling the pinch as much as you might think.

Posted by Van Halem

Ebel Beluga Collection Article

A great article about Ebel Beluga Watches Collection

For nearly a century, Ebel has been crafting some of the very finest Swiss watches. The company is unique in that it was cofounded by a husband and wife. They dreamed of making luxury watches grounded in both masculinity and femininity accordingly. Ebel’s Beluga Collection follows that feminine tradition that began long ago in 1911. The Beluga Collection sacrifices nothing to uphold the traditions that this fine watchmaker stands for.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Raymond Weil breaks the chains of convention with the New Nabucco Cuore Caldo

Raymond Weil is releasing the New Nabucco Cuore Caldo, its very first split-second chronograph with power reserve indicator. The New Nabucco Cuore Caldo is limited, only 500 pieces will be available. Each timepiece will be numbered (001/500 to 500/500 on the case back).
The blend of 18k rose gold, polished steel, ultra light titanium and carbon fiber is unique and intensly appealing. The more common current trend is rose gold with carbon fiber; however, Raymond Weil has incorporated stainless steel which add a polished stylish look. It is a watch that stands out in the crowd, as a result of its rugged beauty.

The placement of the power reserve is slightly off center at the 6h30 and displayed within a 18k carrot gold "slice of pie" frame. In addition the 30-minute subdial at the 3 o' clock and 60 second subdial at 9 have been cleverly arranged thereby adding a mysterious geometry to the watch, which is pleasing to the eye. RAYMOND WEIL’s team of engineers and designers been able to playfully associate a power-reserve indicator at 6h30 with a 30-minute subdial at 3 o’clock and a 60-second subdial at 9.

Nabucco cuore caldo utilizes a ETA bi-compax 7750 mechanical movement with self-winding chronograph, as well as two other complications:

a split-second hand - the first time in Raymond Weil's history.
42-hour power-reserve indicator.

The titanium screw down case back with sapphire crystal exposes the fine mechanical movement with Côtes de Genève décor and circular-graining's.

The strap is vulcanized rubber with black leather inserts and a Raymond Weil steel folding clasp with double push pin security.

The Watch is available in the near future.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Geneva a center of Luxury Watch Making is home to the Large Hadron Collider.

At 3:15 am EST this morning, a beam of protons will be circulated through the Large Hadron Collider, an 18 mile tunnel, 300 feet beneath the Franco Swiss Border just outside Geneva, the headquarters of Raymond Weil and a center of expertise in the watchmaking industry.

The Large Hadron Collider will circulate two streams of protons in opposite directions, smashing them together at a rate similar to the speed of light. Scientists and physicists hope that in a few months, conditions will have reached the intensity as they were a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. To achieve collisions, a huge amount of electromagnets are needed to keep the protons on target.

Scientists believe this will be the most powerful particle accelerator in the entire world. They hope to find the secrets of the sub-atomic universe, such as a conversion of mass to energy, antimatter, dark matter, other dimensions, and the much publicized "Higgs boson" called by scientists the "God particle" which they theorize gave mass to all other particles. Professor Hawking has placed a $100 bet that scientists won't find the Higgs boson particle.

After 15 years of research and construction, 10,000 scientists, 60 different countries and approximately 7.7 billion dollars later, the Large Hadron Collider is set to be turned on.

Will a big Black Hole develop in the Large Hadron Collider and devour the earth? Scientists admit that microscopic black holes may develop but will rapidly evaporate. Although I am not much of a scientist, I must admit, I am a touch concerned.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Piaget Mens Watches

An Article About Elegant Watches

Elegant Watches

Investing in elegant watches can seem odd to some people who are not aware of the many benefits of such a purchase. After all, name-brand, luxury watches are so expensive and replica watches are almost the same - just much cheaper, right? It’s not that simple, not by a long shot.

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