Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movado's Elliptica Collection on Sale at The Watchery

In 2001 Movado unveiled a unique watch known as the Elliptica selection. A significant breakthrough design. The case is gracefully curved to fit the contours of ones wrist. The winding stem is at the 12 ‘o clock position. The numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12 are in the traditional spaces on the dial. The remaining numerals are lined up at the top and the bottom of the watch.

The Movado Elliptica embodies the essence of Movado, the simplicity in displaying time, as well as a curved case, reminiscent of Movado's revolutionary Polyplan Watch created in 1912. The 1912 Polyplan Watch was a design breakthrough, the entire watch movement was constructed on three separate planes to fit the curved case. Today's Elliptica utilizes the contoured case which provides the utmost watch wearing comfort.

The Watchery is selling these iconic Movado Watches at discounts of up to 74% the List Price. This gorgeous elegant Ladies Watch is discounted from $1,695.00 to $445.00 and the best part is there are more to choose from. Many more.

This exquisite pink Movado Elliptica Watch with a alluring mother-of-pearl dial and a shimmering pink diamond bezel is now available at the Watchery for a mere $959.00. That is a whopping 74% off the List Price. All our Watched are 100% geniune

A Huge Sale is going on now at the Watchery where you can find tons more styles of Movado Watches.

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