Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Reward for Your Labors

Labor Day is just around the corner, a chance to relax after all the hard work you have put in during the year. Besides enjoying a day of BBQ and lounging around the home, why not reward yourself with a beautiful new luxury watch? The cost is minimal when you shop at The Watchery. We are offering up to 91% off select watches from now through Labor Day. Save big on Invicta, Glam Rock, Christian Bernard, and more.

Desire the soft look of rose gold but not the price tag? The a_line Amore chronograph is made completely of pink aluminum. As you can see in the photograph, neon pink it is not. It is a beautiful, delicate pink that will still manage to catch the eye of a passerby. The timepiece features three subdials for seconds, minutes, and hours and has a chronograph quartz movement. It is 89% off the original price of $495, bumping it down to just $55.99 with the added sale.

The modern man with expensive tastes would do well to purchase the Edox Classe Royale. The square case with a round dial inset is a perfect pairing of opposites. The multi-function chronograph has three subdials and reveals the date at the 12 o'clock hour. The watch retails for $2,100 but with our added discount you only pay $750.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The All-Black Watch Trend

When you think about all-black attire, what comes to mind? Ninjas? Teen goths? Probably not anything to do with the latest fashion trends, but that is changing, at least where watches are concerned. Black has long been associated with sleekness and it's a color that never goes out of style. The little black dress every woman should own, the slick black sports car every man desires. It was only a matter of time before it took over the watch world. It started with the face of the watch and now many luxury watch brands are creating entirely black watches.

From black leather straps to all-black ceramic cases and bracelets, these watches don't fade into the darkness. Instead, they are bold, they stand out. Each brand has its own take on how to design the timepiece, whether it be a sporty chronograph or a lustrous formal wristwatch. The U-Boat Flightdeck, for example, keeps the design simple while still remaining aggressive with its oversized casing. Gray hands offer a subtle contrast to the all-black case and strap.

For those who fear the stark all black watch, there are plenty of luxury timepieces that interweave various colors and metals to lighten the look. The new all-black trend isn't going anywhere, though, so expect to see more and do not be afraid to make the leap to such an adventurous watch choice.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Jump Start on Fall

It's the middle of August and it is doubtful that many people have fall fashions on their mind. Or maybe they do because they're so tired of wearing shorts and sweating excessively when just walking down the block. Although we can't jump ahead in time and enjoy cooler weather already, we can at least prepare with a few shopping purchases. If you head into clothing stores, you'll already see fall attire and accessories lined up along the racks.

So what can we expect this fall? For once, not brown, orange, and dark red. Well, those colors will always be around in the autumn, but you will also notice a lot of white white, plum, and bright red. These seemingly odd color choices are riding the coattails of the intense colors of spring and summer.

Here at The Watchery you can already enjoy discounts on some hot, new watches for the fall. If you're looking to match the fall colors, try the Swiss Precimax Luxe for women. The stark white bracelet with a luminous mother of pearl face and touches of gold on the dial and hands will blend in perfectly. Prefer bright red to white? Men can check out the Swiss Legend Neptune watch. With both a red face and strap, the watch is hard to miss.

And of course if following fall fashions exactly isn't your style, there are still hundreds of luxury timepieces, from Breitling to U-Boat, to match accordingly with your fall attire staples.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Breitling Multi-Functional Luxury

For some, the magic of well designed luxuriously priced watches is in the subtlety and relatively classic design. The watches do not go out of their way to include accessories and rarely look like the designers spent much time trying to reinvent the look of a watch.

On the other side of that is the relatively busy design of a Breitling like the one shown here. It is not that the watch forgoes the classical look of so many other timepieces, instead it incorporates more things within that classical design than most watch makers would attempt.

The band is a mesh stainless steel, already an interesting choice for a high end watch. The dial is especially complex. Employing three sub-dials for timing things to sixty seconds, thirty minutes and twelve hours. All in all it looks like something James Bond might wear. Classic in it's clear beauty as a piece but versatile in it's functionality.

Breitling is a trusted brand in this area of multi-functional watches. They make sturdy products that are reliable and last a long time. Using great materials and quality engineering on watches with a reliable brand pedigree is what the luxury watch market is all about, multi-functional or not.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic-Size Savings

The Olympics are in full swing and we're proud to see the United States take home a few gold medals this early in the games. In honor of this timely event, we here at The Watchery want to offer some immense discounts on our luxury watches. Of course our watches are already highly discounted, but how does the thought savings up to 90% off sound?

Brands like Swiss Legend, Stuhrling, Invicta, Glam Rock, and so many more are all up for grabs. Style and price ranges vary, so there is a luxury watch well suited for anyone with any budget. Get into the spirit of the games and try the Swiss Legend Sprint Racer, now only $99. Women trying to brighten up their summer wardrobe will love the Invicta Angel watch, available in several eye-popping colors. The watch is a true steal at only $65.

Even pricier brands like U-Boat are on sale. The Thousands of Feet 43 AS is a stylish casual timepiece with Swiss automatic movement and a black leather strap. It is even water resistant up to 100 meters if you opt to take a dive and attempt to beat Michael Phelps' record. With the added sale price, the watch is only $1,119.

Like the Olympics, these sales won't last forever. Enjoy amazing savings from now until August 5. And keep in mind we offer free ground shipping or 2nd day shipping for only $5.