Monday, January 7, 2013

Save on Frederique Constant Watches Through Thursday

We receive new arrivals throughout the year, but there is something naturally fitting about getting a shipment of brand new designer watches during the first few weeks of January. The Frederique Constant name is regrettably not as ubiquitous on our blog as say, TAG Heuer watches, but they warrant your attention all the same. Our warehouse recently acquired nearly 50 new models of Frederique Constant watches, and to mark the event, we are hosting an exclusive Frederique Constant sale until this Thursday, January 10!

If you have been pining for a luxurious timepiece discounted up to 72% off, now is the time to peruse our selection. At the top of every woman's list is this brown open dial from the Ladies Automatic series. It is not often these days that we encounter elaborate images--in this case, hearts--adorning the 12 o'clock position, but we certainly like it here. Moderately sized diamonds adorn the other markers and also the radiant .82 carat bezel. The deployment clasp type also provides an elegant touch, and one sorely missed from many women's watches. And just for this sale, you can save $1,850 on this timepiece and take advantage of an increased discount from 33% to 41%.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Carve Your Path With Red Line

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We have discussed a lot of designer watches on The Watchery blog over the past few years, so it still surprises us when we uncover a perfectly competent brand that we have somehow neglected. Like Red Line, the enigmatic watchmaker whose founders claim more than three decades of industry experience. The company's website explains its credo:
"In life there are moments where to "red line" means deciding that the reward on the horizon outweighs the risk; that we are willing to go beyond our comfort zone and strive for greatness."
With "red" in the brand name, you may wonder if the color is ironically absent when it comes to the actual luxury watches. Nope! Every Red Line timepiece is dashed with its namesake, but do not worry. The brand is not blind to good taste. Each watch sports a red crown, and depending on your feelings toward the color, that may be all the red you get. Other more brazen models are saturated in the color, like the Compressor watch for men. Striking, is it not? Those inclined to more neutral tones should not strike out the brand completely, however. Our Red Line collection features enough primary colors to suit any taste!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Join Our Affiliate Program Today

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Time to switch it up for a bit at The Watchery blog. Now, now--do not reproach us just yet. By now, regular readers know of all the wonderful watches for men and women we offer here everyday, but they might know realize that we provide an affiliate service, too. What? Uh-huh, just as we thought. Meet Commission Junction, a two-way program that can make you money and increase traffic to your site by promoting our unique designer watches! Here are the basics:

  1. Earn commission. Whenever you refer a visitor to your site and he or she buys an item from us, we pay you a commission. 
  2. Join for free. Earn up to 10% commission on our net product sales. The more you sell, the more you make. Simple!
  3. Easy. We give you everything you need to become a successful affiliate: banners, links, sales tips, online reports, and advance notice of our promotions. We do the business side of things while you sit back and maintain a link!
  4. Trustworthy. Consumers only want to purchase items from reputable sites, as we all do! With your domain name attached to ours, we both build credibility as honest affiliates!
  5. Want to learn more? If you have any questions regarding marketing, email us today. We would love to assist you in setting up your affiliate status.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Save Up to 51% During Our Movado Sale

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A cursory Google search for Movado may reveal the watchmaker as an American brand, but while that is ostensibly correct, it is not the full story. Founded in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the Movado watch company relocated to the United States fairly recently in their 130-year history, in 1983. If you know a little Esperanto, you could probably guess that Movado translates to "movement," and their stunning line of quartz movement watches is worth gawking over.

For a limited time, you can save up to 51% on these designer watches through our Movado Timepiece Savings Event. With jaw-dropping watches for men and women, this sale is guaranteed to please anyone with a soft spot for sophisticated fashion.

Consider this Harmony women's timepiece, for instance. Looking something like a gold tuning fork, the stainless steel bracelet is a design to be admired. And light on the flashy jewels, the Harmony is decidedly more minimalistic than its luxury peers, but no less bold. We can definitely see this Movado watch paired well with an elegant evening gown. If you need it this weekend, however, you will have to act soon. At 47% off, the Movado Harmony will not be gracing us with its presence much longer!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TAG Heuer is Always in Vogue

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Happy new year, everyone! It is our sincere wish at The Watchery that you all may enjoy a pleasant and prosperous 2013. The previous year was very good to us, as evidenced by the many positive testimonials we received from you. For those, we are genuinely grateful. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback, good or otherwise.

As is our practice at The Watchery blog, every weekday we like to highlight one particular model that embodies all that we value in luxury watches. And when it comes to top-tier designers, one cannot overlook TAG Heuer watches. For more than a century, the TAG Heuer name has served as the benchmark for chic timepieces that all other watchmakers look to beat. And let us tell you, it is difficult to beat TAG Heuer.

Currently, we have only a select number of TAG Heuer timepieces available in our inventory. These represent the very best that the watchmaker has to offer, and we are certain you will find something that strikes your fancy. From sporty wristwatches to more refined classic styles, every timepiece is discounted from the retail price. Some are even on sale! If your new year's resolution involves looking smart, browse through our TAG Heuer collection today!