Friday, January 4, 2013

Carve Your Path With Red Line

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We have discussed a lot of designer watches on The Watchery blog over the past few years, so it still surprises us when we uncover a perfectly competent brand that we have somehow neglected. Like Red Line, the enigmatic watchmaker whose founders claim more than three decades of industry experience. The company's website explains its credo:
"In life there are moments where to "red line" means deciding that the reward on the horizon outweighs the risk; that we are willing to go beyond our comfort zone and strive for greatness."
With "red" in the brand name, you may wonder if the color is ironically absent when it comes to the actual luxury watches. Nope! Every Red Line timepiece is dashed with its namesake, but do not worry. The brand is not blind to good taste. Each watch sports a red crown, and depending on your feelings toward the color, that may be all the red you get. Other more brazen models are saturated in the color, like the Compressor watch for men. Striking, is it not? Those inclined to more neutral tones should not strike out the brand completely, however. Our Red Line collection features enough primary colors to suit any taste!

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