Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TAG Heuer is Always in Vogue

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Happy new year, everyone! It is our sincere wish at The Watchery that you all may enjoy a pleasant and prosperous 2013. The previous year was very good to us, as evidenced by the many positive testimonials we received from you. For those, we are genuinely grateful. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback, good or otherwise.

As is our practice at The Watchery blog, every weekday we like to highlight one particular model that embodies all that we value in luxury watches. And when it comes to top-tier designers, one cannot overlook TAG Heuer watches. For more than a century, the TAG Heuer name has served as the benchmark for chic timepieces that all other watchmakers look to beat. And let us tell you, it is difficult to beat TAG Heuer.

Currently, we have only a select number of TAG Heuer timepieces available in our inventory. These represent the very best that the watchmaker has to offer, and we are certain you will find something that strikes your fancy. From sporty wristwatches to more refined classic styles, every timepiece is discounted from the retail price. Some are even on sale! If your new year's resolution involves looking smart, browse through our TAG Heuer collection today!

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