Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grovana: For the Swiss Purist

There are watch aficionados and then there are watch aficionados. What's the difference? The latter refuses to purchase watches that are not 100% designed and manufactured in Switzerland. There is a reason why Swiss watches are regarded so highly: because time and time again (no pun intended), they have proven their worth with precision watches, utilizing the best technology and the finest materials.

Here at The Watchery we are proud to add another Swiss manufacturer to our stunning collection of timepieces: Grovana. Best of all, these beautiful Swiss-made watches can be purchased for a fraction of the price. Many are very affordable to the average consumer, many for as little as $200. But don't let our discount be of discouragement. You can expect quality timepieces that are sure to impress in both their looks and their performance. Many in our collection are suitable for professional attire and are sure to create some buzz around the office.

Find comfortable genuine leather straps, beautiful gold tone casings and hand indicators, and a wide range of dial colors. There is easily a watch to fit the personality and style of every man. Save up to 55% or more on Swiss precision and elegance here at The Watchery.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Elegant, Yet Fun Baume & Mercier Watch

Watches intended for evening attire tend to be a bit plain. But they don't have to be plain in the sense that they are boring. They can be quite stunning timepieces, with exquisite diamond adornments or interweaved colors of gold. They truly are an object of beauty. But what you don't see are flashy colors or ornate designs. There's not place for it really. Those watches should be saved for another time, another place.

But the Diamant Diamond Bezel watch from Baume & Mercier puts a little twist on an elegant design. It is able to walk a very fine line by adding a hint of color along with a sleek, stunning design. The mother of pearl dial and diamonds along the sides of the case are expected of an evening watch. What's not expected, however, is the pink leather strap. It's not hot pink or neon. It's just the right shade where it remains apropos for a dressier event, so long as the watch goes well with the attire.

A watch such as this does not come cheaply...unless you purchase it from us. The timepiece normally retails for $3,490 but we're offering it for only $1,745--50% off. Not to mention there is free shipping as well. And if you're lucky enough, you might earn more savings with one of our random popup discounts.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rigorous Criteria for Fleurier Quality Label

Just recently the Fleurier Quality Foundation announced a fifth quality mark in order for timepieces to be stamped with the official Fleurier seal. Unfamiliar with the other four existing requirements or what exactly the seal means? The seal has been used for nearly a decade now and it is one of the most rigid certifications for Swiss watches. The current criteria are as follows:

  • Precision, measured by the COSC --the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. 
  • Durability and reliability, measured by Chronofiable tests. 
  • Precision when worn, tested by a 24-hour test on a Fleuritest simulator developed by the Foundation.
  • Technical and aesthetic quality which correspond to the requirements of the haute horlogerie. 
In other words, it's not easy for watches to receive the seal. The new criterion requests that the timepieces be 100% manufactured in Switzerland, which makes sense considering it is a seal of Swiss approval. The new requirement is proof, "all the operations – the development, manufacture, assembly, and control of the watch head and its components, have been carried out in Switzerland, with the exception of non-tooled materials."

The new criterion is probably the easiest to achieve compared to the others. Currently the seal has been stamped on the likes of Chopard and Vaucher. It's no easy feat, but it's one that every Swiss watchmaker desires.