Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A luxury watch is time unto itself.

The technological world is moving fast; T.Vs are flatter and clearer, Computers are faster and can store a wealth of information; toys and games light up and spin and flash. As the world turns great minds are finding ways of making products more cost-effective and flashier; churning out products in great identical numbers to be mass marketed.

Let us step off the speeding train of manufacturing, trade and mass production, and enter the world of individuality, craftsmanship and precision. The luxury watch. No corners have been cut to make the luxury watch more cost effective, no detail omitted, on the contrary, attention to the slightest detail takes hours of precise planning and crafting. The complications have been perfected over time, a complication such as the tourbillon - a movement that is said, eradicates the effect of gravity on the watch can take three years from idea to delivery.

In the 1980's Vacheron Constantin focused it's attention on crafting a minute repeater,undoubtably one of the most complicated movement in watchmaking today. The company took apart a 1940's wristwatch, examining each peice with intense precision, and an idea for a new minute repeater began to take form. Vacheron Constantin, hand picked a team of expert watchmakers and engineers and drew up plans. The new minute repeater from conception to completion took four years of hard work, committment and tireless determination. Finally in 1993 Vacheron Constatin unveiled its first piece, the caliber 1755, in honor of the year Vacheron Constantin was founded. This exceptional accomplishment is the final series of the caliber 1755 – that is to be found in the Platinum Les Cabinotiers Skeleton Minute Repeater watch.

This is just one example of a watch crafted to be exceptional. A watch that will travel through time, never ageing, never to be outdone by the passing of time.
A luxury watch is crafted to belong to time, and although it will keep time with precision, time itself will have no impact on it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Guide For Luxury Watch Gift Buying

If you're about to make a luxury watch purchase as a special gift for someone you care about, you want to be sure that the timepiece you're choosing is the perfect watch for that person. Whether it is for a male or female, choosing a luxury watch today is an accessory that will long be appreciated and cherished, however, it'simportant to remember that each person has his or her own discriminating and particular style. For that reason, before you make a selection, give thought to the personality as well as to the fashion sense of the individual.

What Type of Person Are You Buying For?

Today, watches have gone far beyond their original purpose of just telling time. And because there are so many different types of watches, movements and styles to choose from, you can't just purchase a watch for someone just because you like it. When choosing such a generous gift, your goal is to be sure the recipient of the luxury watch will love it. So when choosing a luxury watch, think carefully about whether it suits the personality of the person you're buying for. Think about the lifestyle of the person who will be wearing the watch in addition to their level of activity, the type of use the watch will get, and whether the watch is for dress-up occasions or every day activity. You want the watch to compliment the person's life and have it add something special to their wardrobe, so, take note as to whether the person you are buying for chooses simple styles or designs that are more elaborate.

What Watch Should You Buy?

After you've determined the personality of the person you are buying for, think about the needs of that person. As you get ready to purchase a luxury watch, keep in mind that there are many kinds of watches, which can range anywhere from fashion watches, to designer watches, casual watches, dive watches, and novelty watches. So, if you're buying a luxury watch for a very active person, of course that would require a rugged watch, one that can be used for water sports, mountain climbing or other heavy-duty activities. If you're buying a watch for someone that will use it for work, than you want a watch that has elegance and style.

The following is a brief guide to follow when you get ready to buy a luxury watch as a gift.

- A sporty, luxury watch can meet the demands of an active lifestyle, not only because it can measure speed and time, but also because it will be water resistant. For the man or woman who is into sports, you might want to consider a watch with a face that is easy to read. Best to get a timepiece that is highly resistant to the elements.

- If your special gift is going to be a stylish luxury watch, one that might be worn to work, you should consider a watch that is trendy and cutting edge. It follows that you want a watch that has unusual features, which might include a unique shape, a different color face or perhaps a very stylish band.

- If you've already decided that the watch you purchase is going to be chic, stylish and extremely functional, you probably want a watch that not only looks good, but always keep great time. Some luxury timepieces come with features that remind a person when it's time to get to their next appointment, while other watches keep time through the simple movement of the wrist. Today, the choices are so vast that some watches even come with a GPS or MP3 player.

- Perhaps you're in the market for a watch that has a more formal, elegant look. If so, consider a jeweled watch with diamonds gracing the face of the watch. Any woman or man would be proud to wear a watch that is bejeweled with precious stones. More to the point, a watch with diamonds is durable as well as good-looking.

Because a luxury watch is a very special gift, it is meant to make a statement of class, distinction and functionality. When you buy a luxury watch you want to be sure it will last for decades, so when you get ready to purchase a luxury watch, buy from an authorized dealer. If you are in the market for a genuine luxury watch, to assure that you get what you pay for, choose to make your purchase from an approved and recommended authorized dealer.

And if you buy online, choose from a dealer that has a large selection of luxury watches, such as Movado, Ebel, Concord, Cartier, Chopard, Baume to name a few. When you get ready to make your purchase, choose from a dealer that has a long-standing reputation of excellence, along with a passion and love of luxury watches.

Copyright (c) 2008 Joseph Levy

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph

Who could forget the 2006 nail-biting thriller "The Sentinal"staring Michael Douglas and Kiether Sutherland? Micheal Douglas plays Pete Garrison, high ranking special agent suspected of wanting to kill the president. Time is of the essence. He has to prove his innocence, his life is on the line.
... and you guessed it. Micheal Douglas is wearing the Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph throughout the movie. The watch's black face , black leather band and black aluminum bezel is a constant reminder that Micheal Douglas is serious. The Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph adds a powerful sense of urgency to the movie. The watch is bold and driven. A watch for life where every minute counts. The Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph is yet another fine example of a Luxury Watch.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Estelle Getty of 'The golden girls' dies at 84

Estelle Getty, much loved actress of the Golden Girls died today at 84, three days before her 85th birthday. Getty played the tiny witty actress that people loved. "The Golden Girls" ran for 173 episodes from 1985-1992.
She had wonderful one liners that was part of her charm. Estelle knew she loved acting from tender age of four, when she saw a vaudeville show. Prior to hitting it big in Hollywood, Estelle worked low paying office jobs to help support her family. She continued to strive to make it as a stage actress. Her parents supported her dream; however they insisted that she learn office skills so that she would have something to fall back on.
Estelle Getty will be fondly remembered in her role as Sophia Petrilla, Arthur's mother on the Golden Girls.

Here is a Funny Video with Estelle Getty,

She was a luxury watch lover

Maria Sharapova photo shoot

Maria Sharapova Photo shoot for the TAG Heuer ad campaign in 2005. Maria walking on the beach, striking a pose on the tennis court

Some of the brands that sells.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rado = imagination

I have decided that I like Rado Watches. Their watches always push the edges in design; they are intriguing and free. Kind of “Let’s do it” attitude. Rado pioneered the use of materials such as Sapphire Crystal and ceramic. The slogans on Rado’s website are quite fitting to their watch designs: “There is no greater power than the imagination, of dreaming and then realizing ones dream.” and “If we can imagine it, we can make it, if we can make it, we will.” No I am not going to get all weepy eyed and sentimental over their watches, but WOW! What slogans to build a company. Their slogans fit their watches. I like that. I like that a lot. Imagine wearing a watch designed on a dream, an innovative dream. I love the power Rado has given to the imagination; they have no boundaries on watch design. No wonder. The imagination has no boundaries. Below are some of my favorites; the watches that could only have been crafted on imagination.

The Rado Cerix humors the naked eye with its angular strap. This watch is distinct. This is the watch that actually hooked me onto Rado.

This is my purple one - the Rado Lantano. Well I do not have one, but I wish I did. The color of this watch invigorates the mind. I love the simple, friendly dial sporting a solid plum dot. This watch will add the finishing touches to an evening dress.

Rado Blue fascination Watch.

Last but not least - the "Carpe Diem" Watch. Meaning "Seize the day". A phrase from the Roman poet Horace. This watch is a Limited Edition work of art.

R. Van Halem

Friday, July 18, 2008

Innovation Driving Luxury Watch Market

Worldwide luxury watch market is completely dominated by Switzerland which contributes almost 100 percent of the market value. The major export markets include United States, France, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom. Rolex dominates the luxury watch market, followed by Tag Heuer, Omega, Breitling, Cartier, Bulgari, Chopard, Ebel, Girard-Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, and Patek Philippe.

Traditionally considered a male
domain, women are also driving up sales now. Luxury watch makers are trying their best to design the female equivalent of their most popular watch models. Another notable trend is the integration of new technology and the use of unconventional materials in luxury watches. Also all major brands are raising their price level by repositioning of their products.

The report is aimed at providing a basic understanding of the luxury watch market. It analyzes the Swiss luxury watch market and its export destinations. Apart from providing a competitive landscape of the market, the report also profiles the major luxury watch makers, with a discussion of their key business strategies. It also analyzes the major trends prevalent in the luxury watch market.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Luxury Watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre and DiCaprio Raise Funds for Environmental Awareness

The “Time to Care” Program, initiated jointly by the Swiss luxury watch company Jaeger-LeCoultre and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, will benefit the Leonardo DiCaprio Fund at the California Community Foundation.
Fund-raising efforts for the Leonardo DiCaprio Fund, which promotes environmental programs worldwide, will focus on two unique Jaeger-LeCoultre luxury timepieces that will be part of a limited series. Jaeger-LeCoultre announced that the watches feature technology never used before.

The luxury watches will be presented at the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutiques in Boca Raton and Beverly Hills, which will open this summer and fall respectively.

The first piece for sale will be a one-of-a-kind Master Compressor Extreme Lab, worn by DiCaprio to the premiere of his documentary, "The 11th Hour." This piece, which is valued at approximately $300,000, will be engraved with Leonardo DiCaprio's signature. The watch, which is made of carbon fiber and titanium, is said to feature an automatic tourbillon, two time zones, a pointer-type AM/PM indication at 12 o'clock and a patented jumping date display between 15 and 16 linked to local time. This concept watch is reportedly resistant to extreme temperatures of -40 degrees to +60 degrees Celsius.

The second timepiece for sale, a one-of-a-kind edition of the Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2, is valued at approximately $400,000. It is reported to contain a state-of-the-art, first-ever spherical tourbillon. The Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 contains over 371 parts and was specially created ths year to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Jaeger-LeCoultre.
By: Rachel Lieberman, Israel Diamond Industry Portal

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tag Heuer at the races.

Two race cars are wheel to wheel, speeding towards the finish line - the checkered flag. The difference is to the 10,000th of a second, and Tag Heuer's precision timekeeping has named a winner. From 100th of a second in 1916 to a mere 10,000th of a second in this year's Indy 500, Tag Heuer has taken the art of keeping time to a new level. Tag Heuer has produced some of the most innovative time pieces associated with the world of Motor Sports. It comes as no surprise that Tag Heuer has embarked on a remarkable voyage to find the best driver in the world. This is no easy endeavor; however, Tag Heuer is ready for the challenge.
Tag Heuer has hand picked a jury of ex-drivers, team principles, race promoters and journalists to formulate a method to judge and analyze race results on a weekly basis.
Every Monday, these results will be validated by a panel of 8 international motor racing experts. Tag Heuer has selected five categories: Formula One, GP2, Indycar, NASCAR and the World Rally Championship. Taking in account the results of each event, points will be awarded to the first five five finishers. Additional points will be awarded for the fastest lap or the winner of the most legs in the Rally event.

At the end of the year, the driver with the most points will be awarded the Tag Heuer Racing Award.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bourne Ultimatum- Matt Damon

Wow! That was a great movie. Jason Bourne, played incredibly well by Matt Damon, occupied the screen with his good looks, and intense energy. The time factor in the movie played an important role. Nothing like the ticking of a watch to turn the suspense into high gear. Bourne is on a mission to find his true identity; he is being chased by the CIA, hopping from Moscow to Madrid to Paris, London, Tangier, New York (Phew!) and all the while he is staying ahead of the game, and outsmarting his pursuers in the nick of time. Through out this movie, Jason Bourne keeps track of time with his TAG Heuer Link Chronograph.

The Tag Heuer Link Chronograph sporting a blue dial, played a spectacular role in this movie, and undoubtedly the movie would not have been the same without it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I came across this image as I surfed the Great World Wide Web. It was meant to be in the name of art. ART? Well not art! Arts and Crafts. It was a "when you get bored" type of thing. At first I was horrified; to me, these watches had been silenced and stopped, deadened if you will. And then as I was mulling over this picture, an overwhelming sense of realization appeared to me: The power of the watch is in its movement and its constant gentle precision like the heart beat of a living creature. A watch is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rihanna "Takes a bow" with Piaget

Rihanna's video "Take A Bow" is continuing to gain international success. I just watched her song on YOU TUBE and to date the video has been viewed an amazing 14 million times. 14 million times. The music video does not begin with Riyanna's face but Riyanna's watch - a Piaget Polo 18 carat gold watch. A couple minutes into the video Riyanna looks at her Piaget watch, and sings "Now its time to go." The crystal clear image of the Piaget's watch fills up the screen for a good three seconds - an eternity in music videos.
Piaget's gold watch makes its mark in this video in what ,I think, is a very clever and striking marketing campaign by Piaget.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Porsche commemorates 60 years

Porsche is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a wide range of commemorative products including top of the line luxury watches. A sleek, sporty watch, the “60 years of Porsche” 911 Classic Chronograph of which only 600 will be produced, is exclusive in its design and technical innovation. The dial is set in a solid steel casing with a date display, split time measurement facility and a tachymeter for measuring speed. The hour and minute hands are luminous for easy reading in darker conditions. The watch displays the jubilee date 1948 -2008, to commemorate the 60 years from when the first Porsche prototype was licensed for use on public roads. Since then Porsche has been speeding ahead.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Think in the box.

Not so long ago, square watches took the back seat in the watch world. Round watches were seen as more versatile and classy, able to portray a sense of style and elegance more effectively than their square companions. Of late there has been a growing interest in square watches to the extent that watch manufacturers are using square cases to launch innovative and sporty designs. Watch collectors and buyers are now looking at square watches to add to their collection.

What could be squarer than the Bell & Ross Collection; my favorite of which is the BR01 cobalt blue. This electrifying watch transports you into the cockpit of a fighter jet with its black background and blue dials. This is perfect watch for one who wants to be at the top of the game, and a passion for flight.

Bell & Ross has torpedoed into the Square market with its square cased Black or White ceramic pieces some sparkling with diamonds.

Another watch I just love is the Formex: I Board Limited Edition. Formax is the creator of the active suspension watch. The ETA 7754, a legendary watch movement, powers the iBoard. The case is PVD coated steel, the Bezel is titanium and it has a ceramic crown at the 3 o’clock position. The 12 ‘o clock pushers are ceramic as well. This aggressive watch screams for action.

A watch that caught my eye is the Jaeger-LeCoutre: Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT. The unique aspect about this watch is that you can turn the case 180 degrees to protect the crystal from potential damage. Jaeger-Le Coultre was one of the first watch brands to utilize materials such as rubber and carbon fiber in the design of their watchcases. The great thing about this watch, besides from the incredible movements, is the rubber strap. If you love sleek design and an empowering look, but want comfort as well, then this watch is for you.

I was just about to finish writing (its 4th of July – the barbecue needs a tending) when I spotted the Pierre Kunz: Metropolitan Tourbillon. My eyes were riveted to the incredible gold sandwich design case, and the flying one-minute tourbillon cut out at the six o’ clock position. This watch is graced with an impressive movement: A manually wound caliber PK 2102. The Metropolitan has no less than 20 jewels, running at 18,000 vibrations per hour. The dial opening allows one to view the carriage and the balance. The watch face is exquisitely hand decorated with bold edgy numbers. This watch is a true testament to Pierre Kanz’s place in the world of luxury watches.

If your collection is partial to round watches and you want to add some edge or you are looking for the perfect watch, think in the box. You may be very pleased with the outcome.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

jaeger lecoultre gyrotourbillon

Oiling a Luxury Watch

Longines Sport Watches

The Uniqueness of Girard-Perregaux Watches Luxury Brand

The Uniqueness of Girard-Perregaux Watches Luxury Brand

Within the category of luxury brand watches, Girard-Perregaux items are near the top of the list with regard to price and luxurious characteristics. Usually being priced at $5,000 and higher on the retail market, Girard-Perregaux luxury brand watches are something to set your eyes upon. The uniqueness factor which surrounds Girard-Perregaux watches is a large reason why these are so highly sought after and evidence of the price tag as well. The following will list some of the unique qualities surrounding these luxury watches so that one can determine if a Girard-Perregaux watch is right for them.

Colorful Creations

Many of the watches produced by Girard-Perregaux feature brilliant colors. From the blue mother of pearl dial on the Cat's Eye model to the bright pink tone of the Cat's Eye Horizontal watch model, Girard-Perregaux focuses on color tones which will bring passersby to a standstill. As opposed to the silver and black tones often featured on luxury watches produced by other companies, this company finds that you can have a luxury watch while not sacrificing color and flair at the same time.

The Brilliant Use of Diamonds on Girard-Perregaux Watches

Many of the Girard-Perregaux watch styles also feature diamonds as a main focal point. Both men and women's watches have dazzling features such as inlaid diamonds. Some of the more popular models which feature this beautiful timepiece include the Vintage 1945, BMW Oracle Team Column Wheel and the original Column Wheel style. The presence of the diamonds is certain to increase the price of the watch itself but the final product which occurs as a result of the diamonds is nothing less than spectacular.

Unique Watch Face Characteristics

Another unique characteristic evident with Girard-Perregaux watches relates to the face. Many of the watch faces have unique designs on them such as the floral motif on the ladies Vintage 1945 or the vibrant blue color tone of the Richeville model. The men's watches also contain unique qualities such as the colorful numbers on the men's Vintage 1945 or the red signature dial of this same watch model. For those who want a watch to stand out and make a statement about the wearer. The choices are almost endless when shopping for a Girard-Perregaux luxury brand watch.

Watch Materials Not Often Seen With Other Watch Manufacturers

Girard-Perregaux also adds flavor and flair to their watches by using materials not often seen with other luxury watch designers. Some of the watches produced by this watchmaker contain titanium metals and skeleton see-through case backs. Another feature seen in Girard-Perregaux watches is the Worldwide Time Control feature, which allows the wearer to see the time and other pertinent information pertaining to over twenty different cities throughout the world. This feature is one which is a true favorite of the traveling businessman who needs to know the time in many different locations. No matter what the unique feature may be, Girard-Perregaux goes above and beyond the normal watch making routine to produce unique, one-of-a-kind items which many view as the ideal components of a luxury watch.

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Cartier brings its bling to MySpace

AAAA SmartBrief | 07/02/2008

High-end jeweler Cartier will use MySpace for the multinational launch of its new collection, Love by Cartier. The deal reflects both the broad reach of Web 2.0 sites and brands' interest in making one buy to reach multiple global markets, according to this article. Advertising Age (06/30)

Global Campaign Challenges Assumptions About Social NetworkingNEW YORK ( --

The latest marketer to target the reaches of MySpace? Cartier.

Cartier, a brand better known for diamond necklaces and $10,000 watches, will advertise its latest collection, Love by Cartier, in a deal which was done out of MySpace's office in France but will span multiple countries.
Love by Cartier
Cartier's deal with MySpace is an endorsement of a global ad market and the appeal of doing one buy that can stretch across multiple geographies.

It's yet another reminder that mainstream Web 2.0 sites have broader audiences than people often assume (last year Neiman Marcus chose YouTube as a place to publicize its 100-year anniversary). It's also an endorsement of a global ad market and the appeal of doing one buy that can stretch across multiple geographies.

It's not just for kids anymore
"There's this misperception in the market about MySpace being a youth site, a site for teens," said Travis Katz, managing director-international operations for MySpace. "But 85% of our audience in the U.S. is over 18, and 40% of all moms in U.S. are on MySpace." He claims that MySpace reaches more people making $100,000-plus than other social-network competitors, such as Facebook and Yahoo 360.

Still, a bigger reason brands are feeling more comfortable with MySpace is that the site has created well-lighted areas around video, music, games and celebrity. Some call it the "portalization" approach. According to people familiar with advertising on the site, cost-per-thousand viewers, or CPM, for integrated campaigns such as Cartier's tends to run in the mid-single digits, around $5.

But Mr. Katz seems more excited that Cartier's is a global deal, and that MySpace is figuring out ways to derive revenue from its international traffic -- 40% of its audience is outside the U.S., he said.

"If you're working with a traditional portal or media company, in each country you have to deal with a separate team, sales force. ... We can take a global message and localize it for each territory," he said. This is not MySpace's first global deal (previous multiterritory deals have included Sony Ericsson, Intel and Nokia), but it is the most far-reaching, with the campaign spanning eight languages.

Free downloads
Cartier's MySpace profile has songs from 12 artists, including Lou Reed and Marion Cotillard, that commemorate the collection. Users can listen to them on MySpace or download them for free at a Cartier mini-site. In the first few days, the profile logged 100,000 views, said MySpace.

Recently, TechCrunch took a look at international social-network users and the strength of the online ad market from which those users hail. It determined that even though MySpace is second to Facebook in worldwide unique visitors, MySpace's visitors were from countries that spend more on online advertisers, thus making MySpace potentially more valuable. Such figures certainly excite MySpace executives. Also exciting? Having good traffic in locales with strong currencies, such as the U.K. and across Europe. For U.S.-based companies at a time when the dollar is weak, that can be doubly nice (literally, in the case of the English pound).

Mr. Katz said that CPMs are much higher in countries such as the U.K. and Japan partly because of that currency strength but also because they have strong online ad markets. But he said even in markets where CPMs are weaker and fewer dollars are devoted to online interaction, the shift to digital is happening. He cites Spain, where online ad spending is growing at 35% a year, though it represented just 4% of total marketing budgets a year ago. MySpace's strongest international markets include Japan, Australia, France, Germany and Canada.

Global spending expected to surge
PricewaterhouseCoopers data estimate that while the U.S. has the largest base, internet ad spending in all other regions will outpace domestic growth over the next five years. Given the small base of international business relative to domestic business, it's not surprising that MySpace's international ad growth is outpacing its domestic ad growth.

Movado Group founder Gerry Grinberg

I found an excellent article about Movado Group Founder Gerry Grinberg. Definitely worth a read.

Rolex Watches Video - Submariner 1000FT

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