Monday, August 6, 2012

Breitling Multi-Functional Luxury

For some, the magic of well designed luxuriously priced watches is in the subtlety and relatively classic design. The watches do not go out of their way to include accessories and rarely look like the designers spent much time trying to reinvent the look of a watch.

On the other side of that is the relatively busy design of a Breitling like the one shown here. It is not that the watch forgoes the classical look of so many other timepieces, instead it incorporates more things within that classical design than most watch makers would attempt.

The band is a mesh stainless steel, already an interesting choice for a high end watch. The dial is especially complex. Employing three sub-dials for timing things to sixty seconds, thirty minutes and twelve hours. All in all it looks like something James Bond might wear. Classic in it's clear beauty as a piece but versatile in it's functionality.

Breitling is a trusted brand in this area of multi-functional watches. They make sturdy products that are reliable and last a long time. Using great materials and quality engineering on watches with a reliable brand pedigree is what the luxury watch market is all about, multi-functional or not.

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