Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-Black Friday Sale: 6-Slot Watch Winder

mens watches
Yesterday, our blog went over our very exciting Pre-Black Friday savings event and today we would very much like to do it again. You see, the sale is exciting not only because we currently have more than 800 discount luxury watches, including your favorite designers like Lucien Piccard, Swiss Legend, and Red Line. Much more than that, a good number of these timepieces feature remarkable prices. You may want to sit down in case you are using one of those weird, standing office desks before we tell you that some of our best-selling men's and womens watches are 94% off. With discounts that extraordinary, perhaps you will find yourself picking up more than one, and maybe a few for yourself. If that happens, we have just the product for you and guess what--it is also part of our exclusive advance sale.

Meet your new best friend, the Collectors Multi-Function Black 6-Slot Watch Winder. For the serious watch aficionado, what is the point in owning a bunch of beautiful watches if you cannot flaunt them from time to time? Or every second? With an acrylic window and six winder slots, the Watch Winder is the perfect way to display your rare and most beautiful pieces.

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