Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boost Style with a Slip of the Wrist

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deb·o·nair /ˌdebəˈne(ə)r/

(of a man) Confident, stylish, and charming.
"Debonair" is one of our favorite words. Try easing it into a conversation sometime. Or if that proves too daunting, try using it in your ongoing interior dialogue. "Debonair" may not be as widely spoken as say, "cool" or "awesome," but really, the word carries more cultural clout that way. And if you would like to hear the word whispered in your presence more often, we have just the thing.

Ebel watches are renown for their high-end craftsmanship and the Sport Classique series only confirms their reputation. Let us examine the Silver Dial. Our eyes immediately gravitate toward the 18k rose gold frame surrounding the needle-thin hands and timeless Roman numerals. The two-tone color scheme of gold and silver seems trite at first, but Ebel manages to meld them together into something suave and fitting.

What rivals the watch face is the bracelet itself. Mens watches generally shy away from light, wavy patterns, but the silver textured band here simply demands to be flaunted. Slip the Classique over your wrist and you will already fit the "stylish" part of being debonair. We guarantee it will not take long for charm and confidence to naturally follow.

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