Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Pre-Black Friday Sale Is Going on Now!

mens watches
Quick, what do you call the savings event before Black Friday? To be honest, we were not too sure ourselves, but that hardly means you cannot save big on our most prized Breitling watches during our Pre-Black Friday Sale right now.

We mentioned a specific brand, Breitling, for a reason. Take a look at the Windrider Automatic/Mechanical Chrono White Diamond Dial to the right. That sounds like a mouthful, no? Those are a lot of words and usually those words together equal a lot of greenbacks. The going retail price is over $10,000. The going Watchery price cuts it to about six-and-a-half. Already we have a major improvement, but for this week's sale we have driven the price down even further to under $4,500, or as we like to call it, 57% off the list price!

In the rarefied air that Breitling mens watches occupy, the Windrider series stands as one of the best. The bezel itself is a sight to behold. Featuring 40 individual encrusted white diamonds and solid 18k gold accents, the unidirectional stainless steel rim surrounds luminous hands and some of the most intricate subdials we have ever seen. Expect several gifts as compensation if you place this under the tree this season.

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