Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cyber Monday Savings Continue, Again!

womens watches
Okay. How about everyone just relaxes for a bit. Take a deep breath and all that, yeah? Honestly, we are not quite sure how to announce this to everybody so give us a moment. Cyber Monday happened, that was documented. And then Cyber Monday repeated itself yesterday, you all know that. Well, allow us to just come out with it then: our extended Cyber Monday sale continues today. Yes, believe it, folks. Two days later and we still have more than 500 luxury watches on sale. And we are still adding new products on a daily basis. Who knows what may happen next? We will just roll right along here then.

We assume you have heard the phrase, "Like clockwork," but have you ever seen a maxim in real life? This timepiece from Maurice Lacroix is that idiom manifested. Unlike most mens watches, this Masterpiece model provides a rare view into the inner workings of an exceptional designer wristwatch. All of the intricate gears and cogs are on brilliant display and with a solid 18k gold case, the answer to, "Hey, what time is it?" has never had a better stage. Go on and show it off. No one is that modest.

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