Thursday, November 1, 2012

Go Ceramic with Akribos

Within the world of luxury watches, many connoisseurs and dilettantes examine ceramic watches with an air of reluctance, if not distaste. Ceramic watches, really? Still, ceramic has been used in timepieces for some time, in either the bezel or the band (nowadays, sometimes both), and while we at The Watchery committed ourselves to a life of watch devotion long ago, we are certainly not snobs about it. If anything, we like to be inclusive!

Enter the XXIV, a glittery quartz watch from Akribos. This stunning timepiece for women features sparkling Arabic numerals accented on the sunray dial, as well as two rows of authentic crystals on the bezel. But wait, what about the ceramic? Where is it? Fear not, ceramic lovers. There are indeed ceramic inserts that form the bracelet of the watch, along with the base metal.

We may not be convinced that ceramic will take the place of steel, but we definitely approve of its function in this particular piece. The crystals combined with the teal color scheme truly form a luminescence that we find impossible to ignore. And with a price as low as 77% off, we truly cannot look away! Wear this and wow all your steel-toting friends!

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