Monday, November 26, 2012

Save Up to 90% Today on Cyber Monday

mens watches
As far as we are concerned, this right here--today, on Cyber Monday--is the absolute best time to save on luxury watches. We currently have nearly 800 timepieces included in this one-time savings bonanza. These are some of our most prestigious designers too, brands like Maurice Lacroix, Breitling, Momo, Glycine, Swiss Legend, Lucien Piccard, Jean Richard, and Clerc womens watches. Yes, that Clerc, the one from 1874. Not sure if they are still relevant? Let us convince you otherwise.

The CXX Scuba 2.94 CTTW is our most prized Clerc watch on sale today. The list price starts things off at $18,900. Pretty exorbitant, no? We usually sell the piece for $4,999--already a dramatic discount--but just for today, we thought we would cut it down some more, so we did. Another thousand later and you can pick this watch up for only $3,999, or 79% off the original retail price.

Talk about stones. This Clerc watch contains 306 white diamonds spread out between the dial, bezel, and lugs. One hundred sixty-five there, 117 over there, and--oh yes, there are also 32 genuine rubies that make up the indices. Glamour has never been summed up so nicely in one fashion accessory.

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