Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Week Only Savings on Bürgi

Day 4: Cyber Monday continues. Again. Discounts still up to 90% off. Not sure how long this will last. Another couple hundred luxury watches were added to the savings event today. When will it end? So many watches, watches, watches. . .
mens watches
That might be our journal entry if we were stranded on a desert island with only timepieces for sustenance, but as it is written: "A person shall not live by Cyber Monday alone, but by every designer watch that proceedeth out of thou Watchery." Or something like that. So yes, while Cyber Monday marches on, we have plenty of other things to talk about. Like our one week only Bürgi holiday sale.

We have not properly covered Bürgi before, which is a gross disservice as the brand makes some of the most exceptional womens watches anywhere. Take a gander at this beautiful White Mother of Pearl Dial. You will not find a bolder watch face than the extremely stylized Roman numerals on full display here. The four radiant white diamonds are nothing to scoff at either, not to mention the dazzling crystals that encircle the bezel. This is the perfect timepiece for a night on the town or a quiet evening at home.

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