Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Save Big on Timeless Movado Watches

The Watchery
With a rich history of quality watches dating back to 1881, Swiss brand Movado is one of the most unique and experienced watch manufacturers in the industry. Their products effortlessly blend a timeless, understated design, while remaining eye-grabbing enough for the average watch enthusiast.

What began as a small business started by 19-year-old entrepreneur Achilles Ditesheim evolved into a worldwide operation that creates some of the finest luxury watches around. Take one glance at our wide assortment of Movado watches and you will see a signature simplistic clock design wrapped in elegant wristbands made of the finest materials. Perhaps the ultimate example of this unique brand name watch is the Movado Museum, a consistent top-seller that boasts a stainless steel wristband with gold accents. Those looking for a more modern variation on the classic Movado men's watch design can check out the Fiero watch, which wraps the time-tested Movado design around a more contemporary shell, which will complement any kind of attire. Movado also manufactures some great women's watches that reinvent their subtle, artistic look.

Even for a brand that boasts such high class as Movado, the Watchery is still happy to provide huge discounts on our products. With great deals all throughout our selection, you will find some Movado watches for half the price of retail. Looking great has never cost less.

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