Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wholesale Weekend: Piaget Miss Protocole

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Moving right along here through our Wholesale Weekend of savings, it is often challenging to select just one of our designer watches to highlight for our individual blog posts, but for our next timepiece, we can confidently assure you that it was not difficult at all. The Miss Protocole series from Piaget is no wallflower in our inventory. Even within the highly prestigious Piaget line, the Miss Protocole watches carry distinction. Taking in seven young designers from the most reputable fashion schools, Piaget has produced several bold and disruptive womens watches in recent years.

The GOA29021 style perfectly encapsulates this latest trend. As hard as it may be, let us tear our eyes away from all of the diamonds for just a moment and focus on the dial. Couched between decadent 18k white gold, the numeral setup cannot exactly be called minimalistic, but it nevertheless is unusually austere, is it not? With its petite hour and minute hands and stylized three o'clock and nine o'clock typefaces, the dial leaves us with a permanent impression and is positive to astound all those who meet you while you are wearing it. Honestly, we feel it is only fair to suggest you may have many more acquaintances take up your wrist, if only to gawk at the Piaget design! 

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