Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Silver & 18-Carat Gold Bedat & Co. Watches

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Yesterday, we went over the silver half of our Silver and Gold special with a dashing men's watch by Cartier, so today it feels perfectly fitting to highlight a positively smashing gold timepiece for women. In addition to Breitling watches, real gold adorns the cases of several more affordable brands as well like Rotary, Jacques Lemans, Croton, and Activa, so you should never ever feel that all of our luxury watches are completely out of reach.

But, say you are looking for something a bit higher up on the designer scale. Well, step over here and meet our friend from Bedat & Co., the 18-carat gold No. 7. And no, the gold is not confined to a the minuscule crown on the right. First, check the case; the back is made of solid yellow gold. The true focal point of course is the extravagant rose gold bezel encrusted with dozens of genuine white diamonds. Need we go on?

The watch face itself is refreshingly charming in its turn-of-the-century inspired design. Like a vintage magazine ad, the hands and diamond numerals elicit hopeless nostalgia. Well, that and inevitable envy in all those unfortunate enough to not own a Bedat & Co. No. 7!

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