Thursday, December 27, 2012

Late Giving: Breitling Windrider

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The individual who coined, "Good things come to those who wait" probably did not think of belated gift shoppers when he or she turned the phrase, but we do! For a short while, The Watchery will be running Late Giving, a special savings event for those of the highest caliber of procrastinators, the people who forwent Black Friday, the weeks leading up to Christmas, and even Christmas Day itself to do other things but purchase luxury watches for their loved ones. Fear not, friends. You will not see us wagging our fingers and tsk-tsk-tsk'ing you. Instead, allow us to show you to more than 400 watches with discounts up to 89% off.

Check out this one here, the Windrider, one of our most coveted Breitling watches for women. Usually this watch retails for an exorbitant price of $16,425. Absurd, no? But because you waited, you can save 60% on this high end piece and pay only $6.5k with our sale. And speaking of "k," the Windrider boasts an 18k solid rose gold case and bezel. If a watch requires more than solid gold to appeal to your loved one, this also features 40 white diamonds encrusted along the bezel, so one need not look far to deem the Windrider an exceptional designer watch.

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