Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Countdown Concluded: Chanel J12

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All this week, we have been covering our Countdown to Christmas extravaganza, the last-chance savings event for last-minute gift seekers. For all of the watches we have highlighted (and many more we have not), tomorrow is the absolute last day to order that pair of Breitling watches you have eyed ever since you came in here. At least, if you want to receive it by Christmas Day. So once again, if you place your order on Saturday the 22nd by 12 p.m. EST, you're golden and can expect your watch on Christmas Eve.

Okay, that said, we have one more watch we would like to bring to your attention for the holidays. This one is from Chanel. You might recall the name from Chanel No. 5, the iconic Parisian fragrance and the world's best-selling perfume. Well, as good old-fashioned talent would have it, the Chanel J12 watches for women are no less indicative of the brand's impeccable style. One cannot help but gawk at the marvelous white dial with 12 diamond indices. The sparkling eye-like center of the watch face strikes us as especially alluring. As for the bracelet, the material is white and austere but built with high-tech ceramic and conforms to this year's recent luxury watch trends. If you truly want to surprise the lady in your life, this lovely timepiece is infallible.

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