Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get It Before Xmas: Breitling Windrider

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This week, we are covering just a few of the designer watches available during our Countdown to Christmas celebration. Order any one of these 500 timepieces before this Saturday the 22nd and we guarantee you will receive it in time for Christmas Day morning. Included in this sale are brands for kids like Activa, Dunlop, and Timex but we also carry watchmakers for more refined tastes, such as-- well, Breitling watches.

Breitling comes up frequently on our blog because in 125 years, the Swiss watchmaker still manages to craft some of the best modern luxury watches without losing a flair for the classic. If you truly forced us, we would probably out the Windrider/Cockpit timepieces as our favorite womens watches.

Do not be discouraged by the unwieldy title and model number. MOP Dial? What is that supposed to mean? Relax, last-minute gift seeker. MOP stands for mother of pearl. Also known as nacre, it is the strong, iridescent material that coats pearls and some mollusk shells. The dial refers to the face of the wristwatch--you know, with all of the hands and numbers. Now that you know the dial build, you might also be interested to know that it is encrusted with 40 white diamonds and solid rose gold. Well, we thought it worth mentioning.

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