Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Give Gifts, Get Gifts!

mens watches
You know the old adage that does the rounds this time of year, "It is better to give than receive?" Yeah, well-- while that may not be true for everyone, we do know that we sure like to give, and when family and loved ones receive exceptional luxury watches, they always appreciate it. So we came up with a promotion built around a mutually beneficial transaction.

As Frank Sinatra once crooned: "Here's the last toast of the evening, here's to those who still believe / All the losers will be winners, all the givers shall receive." In our special Give Gifts, Get Gifts event, there are no losers. When you purchase any of our select products, we will automatically drop a complimentary $10 gift card in your basket just like old Saint Nick himself.

Now when some e-commerce sites mention "select products," that only means you can choose all of 12 items that no one wants anyway: chintzy little trinkets and tacky shelf ornaments. But in our promotion, we mean premium, high quality men's and womens watches, and brands you already trust like Invicta, Swiss Legend, and Glam Rock. Oh, and by "select," we mean you have almost 1,500 watch models to choose from. 'Tis the season, right?

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