Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Greatest Deal of 2008! Grab it before midnight strikes!

Concord La Scala Ladies' Large Watch Chronograph Silver Dial Diamond Lugs on Blue Strap 0310614

This Concord La Scala breathes sophistication and powerful beauty. The strap, a gentle shade of blue compliments the dial which is tinted in pastel like the sky stained by the setting sun.

The Concord La Scala was unveiled in 1997, a collection of geometrically inspired timepieces with an Art Deco hint. The Collection includes the LA SCALA Tonneau which was unveiled in 2003

Chronograph stems from the Greek word chronos meaning time and graphein meaning to write. In days gone by a Chronograph used to literally write, inscribing the time elapsed on paper with the assistance of a pencil attached to a sort of hand. In today's day and age, the Chronograph, is a term used for watches that display intervals of time via independant hands that may be started or stopped at the will of the wearer.

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Enjoy the timeless beauty of a Concord La Scala in 2009.

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