Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baume & Mercier Hampton City perfect for you.

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Baume & Mercier Hampton City Ladies watch Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Dial on White Leather Strap MOAO8437

At the twelve o'clock position is the Baume & Mercier symbol, the Greek letter PHI. It is the symbol of the golden number and Leonardo de Vinci's theory of proportion. This watch is a perfect representation of timeless proportion and eternal style.

Hampton is a distinctly Baume & Mercier timepiece and its most successful. First unveiled in 1994, Baume & Mercier proved its ability to introduce a new dimension with just enough flavor to gain acceptance. The rectangular design became instantly popular. This watch gleans its name from The Hamptons situated on the Eastern end of Long Island, a place where high society mingle and vacation. The Hampton City line made its first very effective and delightful appearance in 2003. Designed for men crafted in steel with an extra-large dial, the Hampton City Chronograph gives a bold impression. The ladies model as with our Deal of the Day is smaller than the Men's, exuding a delicate feminine personality. The ladies model is further enhanced by a smooth leather strap creating a sleek fresh look.

Baume and Mercier can trace its routes back to 1542, a year when Mary Queen of Scots became queen at age of only one week. The Baume family settled in the Les Bois village in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The family originally native of Franche Comte, settled in these mountains and carried out watch-manufacturing work. It was in these early ages of watch making that the Baume family started collecting their knowledge and subsequently passed it down from generation to generation. It was in 1830 the Baume family founded the company and then in 1918, Genevan jeweler Paul Mercier climbed on board to form the company known today as Baume and Mercier. In 1988, Baume & Mercier becomes part of the Vendome Luxury Group which is now known as the Richmont Group.

Baume & Mercier has a rich history punctuated by many horlogical milestones such as the 1971 Tronosonic watch, the first tuning fork watch that opened the door to the electronic era. All of Baume & Mercier watches produced today are the fine products of years apon years of the careful mastery of watch making. Although the mastery is learned over bygone years, Baume & Mercier is very much in sync with the current styles and trends, and not only are they in sync with the styles and trends. Baume & Mercier sets the current styles and trends.

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