Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Concord Luxury watches Make the Perfect Holiday Gift.

Concord has embarked on a whole new dimension of watch creations with it C1 masterpieces, but one must not forget the truly exquisite timepieces that Concord has created up till now.
Concord was founded in Bienne, Switzerland in 1908 and since the beginning Concord carved a niche for themselves as a producer of fine luxury timepieces.

In 1969 Gedalio Grinberg, an horological visionary who had a fascination with watches from a young age, purchased Concord and incorporated it into the North American Watch Corporation in New York - known today as Movado Group Inc.Concord Delirium Mens' Manual Wind Watch 18K White Gold Silver Dial Diamond Bezel on Black Leather Strap 0311051
Under his careful guidance and groundbreaking research the Quartz Powered Delirium was launched in 1979. At the time the Delirium was the worlds thinnest watch at 1.8 mm. Within that year Concord broke its own record by manufacturing a watch under 1 mm. From the time the Delirium watches were first introduced they became a hot seller and now they are available with a quartz or mechanical movement in many different styles, with many different movements and complications. Many of the much loved Deliriums can be purchased at a huge discount from The Watchery.
In 1980, Concord introduced its Mariner Sports Watch followed by the Saratoga in 1986. The Saratoga is widely popular twenty years after its first appearance. In 1995 Concord yet again set a trend for watch design with the release of the Saratoga Exor. The Saratoga Exor collection was a collection to be noticed. Created in three variations: perpetual calender, minute repeater and tourbillon, the Exor Collection of watches were smothered in gems and diamonds and were ranked among the worlds most expensive jeweled creations of that time.
In 1996 launched the sophisticated Veneto watch followed by the art deco inspired La Scala Collection in 1997. In 2001, Concord unveiled its La Scala Stainless Steel Chronograph.

Concord creates its watches with utmost attention to smallest detail providing the wearer with perfection. Thus Concord has maintained an exceptionally high standard in crafting each individual watch with undivided attention to detail, performance and originality.
Concord La Scala Mini Ladies' watch 18K Yellow Gold Silver Diamond Dial with Diamond Lugs 0308156

The collections mentioned above are all available at The Watchery for amazing reduced prices. A streamlined Concord Delirium can be yours for 80% off the List Price or a La Scala for 84% of the list price. All these watches are 100% authentic with serial numbers. The days on the calender seem to fly by and the Holidays are drawing alarmingly close, there is still ample time to grab a deal like this. The Concord La Scala Gold Ladies Watch is 85% off, a perfect holiday gift for your loved one. The price is perfect too reduced from the Original List Price of $17,100 to our Super Sale Price of $2,495.00. It is almost too good to be true but this crazy deal will make a believer out of you. There are hundreds of other Concord Watches on sale at The Watchery for prices you won't see anywhere else.

Purchase a watch from The Watchery and feel good about the Holidays and hey you may even be in the mood to sample Aunt Agatha's fruit cake. Mmm!

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