Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deal of the Day! Concord La Scala only $349

If you have always wanted a Concord La Scala and never been able to afford one, here is your once in a lifetime chance. This Deal of the Day is incredible. A Genuine La Scala for only $349.00. Grab the Deal. The Watches are in stock and ready to ship now.
Concord La Scala Ladies' Large Watch Chronograph Stainless Steel Pink Guilloche Diamond Dial Diamond Lugs on Bordeaux Leather Strap 0310426

It was this afternoon when I received the notification Email about this unbelievable Deal of the Day! CONCORD LA SCALA ONLY $349.00. I stared at the Email and rubbed my eyes. "Impossible" I thought, "No way." I got up. Grabbed a good strong cup of coffee and reread the Email. I clicked on the picture attachment and I mean this watch is gorgeous. My eyes were immediately drawn to the Bordeaux leather strap. The strap so vibrant in color and extremely comfortable to wear.
I had to get to the bottom of this deal. How on earth could this watch be so cheap? I picked up the phone and punched in my superiors number.

"The Concord LA SCALA
Deal of the Day," I blurted without the usual hello, "Could it be going for only $349.00."

"Yes!" My superior said

"But how?" I said

"Well," he said, "From the very beginning this particular model of La Scala was priced much lower than the other almost identical watches in its collection. This Concord La Scala with the Bordeaux strap was only priced at $2,190 while other identical watches in the collection were priced at $5,130. The only difference is the color strap. Could it be a mistake by Concord like some type of typo or oversight? Possibly. So we can provide our customers with never before seen prices on a Concord La Scala"

"But the watch is perfect," I breathed, "I mean the pink goulloche dial surrounding the diamond hour markers. This price is almost surreal."
I hung up only later realized that I had not said Good-Bye. Oh Well with a Deal like this gorgeous Concord LA SCALA for only $349.00, no superfluous words are needed.

The Concord La Scala was unveiled in 1997, a collection of geometrically inspired timepieces with an Art Deco hint. The Collection includes the LA SCALA Tonneau which was unveiled in 2003

This 100% genuine Concord La Scala can be yours yours yours for just $349.00. A whopping 84% of the List Price. Get it! Fill your life with some color and don't hesitate. The Concord La Scala is the Deal of the Day which means good things must come to an end. Buy your Watch at WWW.THEWATCHERY.COM by Tuesday Night at 11:59.

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