Friday, December 19, 2008

Save 90% on Concord La Scala at THE WATCHERY

Concord La Scala Ladies' Large Chronograph Watch Mother-of-Pearl Dial Blue Diamond Bezel on Blue Strap 031040

An iridescent blue pulsates with vivid intensity as she wrap the alligator strap around her wrist. This is a watch meant to get noticed. Noticed for its style, its class, its shimmering untamed beauty. The blue diamonds on the bezel are hand picked for clarity and are placed with intense precision. 7 hours are marked by diamonds and the font on the 12 is a gentle reminder of midday or midnight. The movement: Precision quartz with a Chronograph.

Chronograph stems from the Greek word chronos meaning time and graphein meaning to write. In days gone by a Chronograph used to literally write, inscribing the time elapsed on paper with the assistance of a pencil attached to a sort of hand. In today's day and age, the Chronograph, is a term used for watches that display intervals of time via independant hands that may be started or stopped at the will of the wearer.

Now you know why you waited until the last minute to buy her a gift. Yesterday you berated yourself for pushing off your purchases. Today, as you gaze at the perfect watch, everything falls into place. This is the perfect watch for her and ordered today will reach in time for the holidays.

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