Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ring in 2009 with a Kenneth Cole Reaction for $20.09



As the world turns one year older we note the passage of time by counting down the seconds. In the large scheme of things it all comes down to the seconds, and the counting of seconds is done with precision. The precision that comes from a timepiece. The slow pound of each second is no more pronounced than the moments before the NEW YEAR begins.

Kenneth Cole Dress Men's Watch Stainless Steel Blue Dial KC3763

We, at THE WATCHERY, have decided to celebrate the NEW YEAR 2009 by selling a Kenneth Cole Reaction Watch for just $20.09. Known for its precision, Kenneth Cole Reaction Watch is not just about its stylish brand name, but also about its precision, durability and premium function.
The company Kenneth Cole Production, Inc was built upon a dream and a lot of New York City determination. Kenneth Cole wanted to sell shoes in New York and he wanted to get to the top fast. The 1982 shoe show was starting, and to get a place at the Hilton and be one of the 1100 struggling shoe salesman just would not do. The other alternative ,to rent fancy showroom not far from the Hilton, was way above his budget.

Armed with a production of high-quality shoe wear ,designed and manufactured in Europe, Kenneth Cole had a brilliant idea. He called up a friend he had in the trucking business and asked if he could borrow one of his rigs to park in Midtown Manhattan. His friend said sure but good luck getting a permit from the mayors office. Not deterred in the least, Kenneth Cole called Mayor Ed Koch's office who informed him that he most definitely could not obtain a permit unless he was a production trailer shooting a full length movie on the streets of Midtown Manhattan. Now the next step Kenneth Cole took was the turning point of his business. The exceptional creativity that made Kenneth Cole what it is today. At this point most people would sigh and say, "Oh Well, I tried!"
Kenneth Cole went in to a stationary store and printed a letterhead that said, Kenneth Cole Production, Inc. instead of Kenneth Cole, Inc and applied to the Mayor's office for a permit to film a full length movie called, "The birth of a Shoe Company,"
It worked. Kenneth Cole got his permit, and parked the 40 foot fully furnished trailer across from the Hilton. People came in droves to check out the filming in progress, and bought shoes-plenty shoes. Kenneth Cole sold 40 thousand shoes in two and a half days and never looked back. From shoes to clothing to watches and many other accessories, Kenneth Cole has become a household name synonymous with style and quality.


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