Thursday, March 1, 2012

Luxury Watches and Designer Watches are Discount Watches at The Watchery

Watches, like fashion, are also subject to trends. Currently, watch manufacturers are favoring cleaner styles that are understated yet stylish. And here at The Watchery, those luxury watches and designer watches are also discount watches.

Watchmakers are abandoning the oversized cases and diamond-heavy bezels that dominated the show floor in Switzerland just a few short years ago and are instead prying open their vaults to re-discover the clean dials and marker shapes of bygone eras.

Legacy and tradition tap into the emotional mindset of the consumer. They connect the wearer to a simpler, less complicated time and allow watchmakers to attach meaning to their product. This is essential in an era that is flooded with consumer goods and gadgets that threaten to make the wristwatch extinct.

However, while the faces of mens watches appear to be shrinking, womens watch cases do appear to be growing.

In both the mens watch and womens watch markets, however, the designer watch manufacturers seem to have gone back to their archives for inspiration. Watches flaunt lean, simple looks that are reminiscent of luxury watch styles from the 1950s and 1960s. For example, this year Breitling unveiled an updated version of the “Transocean” chronograph that first debuted in 1958. Likewise, Seiko launched a limited edition 2011 version of their 1960s Grand Seiko, in celebration of the watch manufacturer's 130th anniversary.

At The Watchery we carry a vast selection of watches. Our luxury watch inventory spans the world's most popular watch brands, including Tag Heuer, Breitling, Seiko and Invicta. Our designer watches also extend across all price points, with marked down prices at up to 90% off suggested retail price. You are guaranteed to find the watch you are looking for at The Watchery. You will most likely be surprised to see just how far your budget can go.

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