Monday, March 12, 2012

Baselworld News: UBoat Launches New Luxury Watch Called Black Swan

There are just a few short days left of Baselworld and the latest big announcement came from luxury watch brand UBoat. In fact, the Italiandesigner watch brand U-Boat has launched three watches this year at Baselworld. The one that's causing the biggest buzz on the street is the super-gorgeous black-and-white diamond-set watch that has been named the Black Swan after 2011's Oscar-nominated movie.

The watch was designed by UBoat's designer, Italo Fontana, after he was given a brief by a private Asian customer. The hefty watch--it's a 53mm automatic watch--is crafted in bronze and titanium and allegedly carries a sizable $80,000 price tag, too. That is probably in part thanks to the 11carats of diamonds that are set into the watch.

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