Monday, January 30, 2012

Luxury watches and Top of The Line Cars: A marriage made in heaven

There has been an age-old relationship between luxury watches and cars. They both strive for perfection. Lovers of one tend to be fans of the other, and of course there are similarities in their construction, too. A watch movement, is, for example, akin to a car's engine; the watch case to a chassis. In addition, both watches and cars are judges not just on their design but also their performance. What's more, many watches have see-through backs which is probably for the same reason that so too do Ferrari's V8s and Lamorghini's V10s, whose engines are proudly visible just behind the cockpit.

Both the watch and car industries have long recognized this very connection between performance cars and mechanical watches. So much so, that the two have often partnered in a number of ways in order to capitalize on it.

Many of our favorite luxury watch and Swiss watch manufacturers have teamed up with luxury car manufacturers. Some of our favorites? Breitling and Bentley, Tag Heuer and Porsche, Tag Heuer and Mercedes, Pannerai and Ferarri.... There is a timeless partnership between Swiss Watches and luxury cars. Long may it continue.

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