Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Choose a Man's Watch

The best men's watches are not necessarily the ones from the most expensive watch brands on the market. Though a watch is often an investment, it does have to suit your budget. Your new men's watch should also look good on you and fit your personality.

How do you select the best watch for you? We have written up our list of some of the best ways to choose. Here, our advice on choosing a men's watch.

  • When it comes to mens' watches, one of the most universal types is the chronograph style. They can be worn by anyone because it doesn't matter what they are worn with--they always say 'cool and casual' or 'sporty.'
  • When selecting a watch you also have to consider your build and a watch-face size that suits you.
  • Leather v. plastic v. metal? Most people can carry each of these bracelet types well but you need to get the appearance right for your look. For example, you wouldn't want to sport the plastic rubber band for a formal affair.

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