Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gucci 116 Signoria Watches up to 60% off at THE WATCHERY

Accessorise your look with a watch from Gucci's Signoria Collection. The large linked bracelets surround the watch in an unbroken chain. The watch is fun and really affordable. The one depicted above will cost you only $943.00. (50% off the MSRP)
I love the square emerald green dial, which adds an eye catching richness to the watch. IIf green is not your color, try the Gucci Signoria with the striking red dial.

The Gucci Signoria Watch can make all the different to an outfit. Feeling slightly drab today? Place a Gucci Signoria Watch around your wrist and add a vibrant appeal to your overall image.
For those evenings out, the Gucci 116 White Mother-of-Pearl Dial Stainless Steel Women's Watch is a lovely choice. A mother-of-pearl dial shimmers beneath silver tone hands and glittering hour marker diamonds. The Watchery has slashed 60% off the MSRP price; bringing the price down to $678.00. Add this bracelet watch to your evening wear and forgo the plain bracelet. Wearing a Gucci Watch will enable you to elegantly accessorize your outfit while keeping track of the time. No more is the need to scratch through your purse for your cell phone or glance in vain for a wall clock or ask a bored looking soul for the time - unless of course you want a conversation starter- now you will be wearing a gorgeously elegant bracelet watch from Gucci.
The Gucci collection of watches is an interesting symphony of definite lines and free flowing curves providing an intriguing balanced stability whilst at the same time a sense of freedom, fun and excitement.
Introduced in 1997, Gucci's collection of watches embody the Italian vibrant flare for fashion and Swiss timekeeping precision.

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