Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hermes Kelly Luxury Watch Now at The Watchery

Do you notice something quite familiar with the Hermes Kelly Luxury Watch? Anyone who knows anything about purses will. Look closely at the Hermes Kelly bag below. Do you see what I see? The padlock hanging from a leather strap on the Hermes Kelly Bag look remarkably like the design of a Hermes Kelly wristwatch.
That is because, the Hermes Kelly wristwatch is fashioned after the Hermes Kelly Bag
This is a watch version of the much adored Hermes Kelly bag collection so often seen in Lady Gaga's clutches. The Hermes Kelly Bags are considered one of the worlds finest handbags and ,assuming you have the patience to wait three years, can run you into the tens of thousands. Handmade from the finest and rarest of leathers such as crocodile, lizard and ostrich, the Kelly bag is hand-stitched and made one by one. Each bag takes around 18 hours to produce. The result is a 2-strapped trapezium-shaped frame supported on 4 studs for feet. The Kelly is available in 5 different sizes. The most distinctive feature is the metal-link clasp, which is fastened with a padlock.
It is the Hermes signature padlock which is converted into a watch. Just by perceiving the padlock one can notice it is a Hermes timepiece.

The watch is named after the purse which is named after an actress. The purse was introduced in the 1930's, but was really really noticed when, in 1956, Grace Kelly , beside her husband, Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, used a large black crocodile Hermes Kelly bag to hide her pregnant stomach from the paparazzi. The image was featured on the cover of Life magazine, and the bag became and instant hit. Everyone who is anyone wanted a bag like Grace Kelly - known for her style. Hermes grabbed the opportunity and continued the line of bags after Kelly - Grace Kelly, American Actress and Princess of Monaco. The bag is a noted accessory among many celebrities and spotted on the arms of Renee Zellweger and the Olsen Twins, just to name a few.

The Hermes Kelly Wristwatch portrays an image of style and you do not have to wait three long years nor will it cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
Purchase a Hermes Kelly timepiece for just $2,257.00 at THE WATCHERY. That is 65% off the MSRP. Valentines is on the way, make your darling feel like a celebrity with a Hermes timepiece. Crafted in steel and smothered in 108 diamonds, the Hermes Timepiece is truly a treasure. The elegantly rectangular mother-of-pearl dial is punctuated by four exquisite hour markers.

Hurry while supplies last - and take advantage of Featured Deal. Supplies at this low price are limited. Time is running out for you to purchase that perfect gift for Valentines Day. A Hermes Kelly Timepiece - an elegance in time.

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