Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day watches

Green is the color of the day thanks to the Irish, and here at The Watchery we provide the hue.

Check out this gorgeous ensemble from Gevril. The entire watch exuding an elegant charm is part of Gevril's Glamor collection - one of only 500 pieces. Gevril produces only 6000 pieces a year, thus owning a Gevril timepiece is owning something quite unique.

Glamour Green Dial Leather Women's Automatic Watch

Click here to read more about the History of Gevril - Watchmaker to the Crown

One of my favorite watches sports a green dial. The Chopard Mille Miglia Automatic Chronometer Tachometer Chronograph is designed to accompany a serious driver on the road. Equipped with a precision Chronograph and a Tachymeter, this watch will clock your progress on even the most grueling road trips.
A Tachymeter is a scale on the bezel which gives the speed of a moving object, in conjunction with the second hand. A Tachymeter takes a value determined in less than a minute and converts it into miles per hour. A chronograph is a timepiece that is fitted with an additional mechanism that may be set in motion by knobs to enable the measurement of the duration of an event.

In 1988 Chopard started its partnership with Mille Miglia and became the official time keeper. Chopard merged the world of car racing and timepieces with its powerful collection of sports watches, aptly labeled Mille Miglia. These precision sports watches are a representation of the world of car racing. The watches impart a integral sense of the road with its dials fashioned like the gauges of a race car.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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