Friday, February 10, 2012

In the spotlight: UBoat Watches

U-Boat by Italo Fontana is a manufacturer of luxury watches, which are handcrafted in Italy. Founded in 1942, UBoat watches were originally made for U-boat officers and Italian Air Force pilots and were intended to be easy to read but hard to destroy. Hence the name. The designs were kept in the family for over 60 years. It was not until 2000 that Italo Fontana decided to use the original designs to create contemporary timepieces and luxury watches.

Today, there are six main collections of U-Boat luxury watches, which include the three most popular:

  • The Limited collections (units limited to anywhere from 1001 to just 30.)
  • The 18k Gold collection
  • The 'U-Boat Flightdeck' collection
UBoat has grown in popularity with men who love the look and feel of a millitary-aesthetic for their watch.

The 'U-Boat Flightdeck' collection is easily the most well-known of the U-Boat luxury watches. This bold chronograph comes in a variety of face colors and bezel materials. There are also options with the band materials and colors. Each is oversized and bold with large numerals on the face. They also use a special hook-latching mechanism connected to the stem. The final collection is the 'Thousands of Feet' series. These have a uniquely shaped case and also come in a variety of materials. The man who is adventurous will love the look of any of these luxury watches, as they make a very bold statement.

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