Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gold Stands the Test of Time

I am getting quite dizzy from all the see sawing occurring in the stock market, and the talk around the water cooler is gold. Gold! Gold! GOLD!
"So how much do you think the Kruger Rands ,I bought a couple of years ago, go for?"
or "I should have bought gold instead of Fannie Mae shares".

With gold prices soaring, gold actually makes money for you by simply being gold. Aside from the vast uses of gold in electronics,  aeronautics, aesthetics e.t.c, the use of gold for making watches cases has been around for centuries.
So if you don't want your gold just sitting around being gold then purchase a luxury gold watch.  With a luxury gold watch, you got the gold and you got the function.  I would suggest, if you are looking into purchasing a gold watch, purchase a gold watch with a mechanical movement.
In higher end gold watches such as  Blancpain Men's 18k rose gold case (see right), the mechanical movement within the gold watch case adds to the watches value making the watch, well, timeless. (for the record -Blancpain has never manufactured a quartz watch.).

Another property that adds value to the watch, is the level of complication.  This Blancpain timepiece is a chronograph which adds to its desirability.  Another complication ,which heightens the value in high end watches, is a perpetual calender.  The reason is in the complexity of the craftsmanship compounded by the huge number of additional working parts.  One of the most coveted perpetual calenders is the Royal Oak Men's Perpetual Calender.  The watch is 23% off the list price at THE WATCHERY, available for $95,000.  The 18k brushed rose gold and bracelets adds its weight in gold, but it's the exceptional movement which adds to the price.  In addition to the perpetual calender, this watch is a limited edition timepiece.  Thus anytime you purchase a limited edition of exceptional quality, you know the time piece is a collectors item and has a high resale value.  Not only is the timepiece limited edition, its limited edition is within the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak collection. Unveiled in 1972 and distinctive by its 8 sided bezel, this collection has a large following of collectors.
This timepiece also has a moon phase, a skeletonized watch face  (the movement of the watch is visible beneath the dials).  In addition, day, date, month, leap year - functions of the perpetual calender are displayed via subdials all add to the watches worth.
 To invest in gold in times of economic uncertainty is wise, to invest in gold high end complicated mechanical luxury watches is even wiser.

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