Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Years Resolution

A couple more days and the second hand will approach the midnight mark with alarming insistence. Before you know it 2010 will dawn marking a new year and a new decade. Will you be ready?
It is crucial to start making New Year's Resolutions. Don't become too exuberant in your resolution making, as you most certainly will be left with a feeling of failure; however, if 2010 brings you extraordinary success, by all means, embrace it. New Year's Resolutions should be both manageable and realistic and when achieved will provide one with an enormous feeling of sucess. Resolutions such as losing weight, quit smoking, spending more time with the family, learning something new, going on an exotic cruise, increasing ones income, achieving internal peace or finding ones soul mate are often on ones list. For many people organizing ones time is crucial, because if one ponders a while on it , one may realize that time management is the essence of many New Year's Resolution.

Luckily, there are many devices to help one achieve effective time management. The most essential of which is a timepiece. Purchase a watch you like; one that accentuates your image and is a constant reminder of your New Year's Resolution. To start on ones New Years Resolution early this year, save time and purchase a watch at THE WATCHERY. THE WATCHERY'S helpful search criteria directs you to the watches that suit your interests, needs and budget. In addition, The Watchery has just added over 1000 items to Clearance. All watches are 100% genuine timepieces from brands you know and trust. Purchase a Movado for up to 65% off, a Concord for 80% off, a Cartier for 42% off, an Ebel for 85% off, a Corum for 82% off, a Zentih for 52% off, a Tag Heuer for 58% off, a Breitling for 54% off, a Girard-Perregaux for 63% off, a Baume & Mercier for 74% off, a Bvlgari for 66% off, a Harry Winston for 60% off, a Blancpain for 52% off and so much more.

Now that you have a watch, you can plan your time in terms of immediate short term goals and long term goals. Dedicate a portion of your day to long term goals so they are not lost in favor of everyday challenges. When planning your time, use past experiences as a frame of reference in determining how long a task will take. For example if in the past it took one hour to perform a bank reconciliation it seems unlikely that just because 2010 has appeared, bank reconciliations will take you all of ten minutes.
Although you may have an excellent memory, write your plans and appointments down, you do not want to clutter your working memory with reams and reams of information. To succeed one must determine the importance of each task and the time a task should take.
Before you know it 2010 will be marching on, but you will see it off with a smile and a wave, because you have achieved your goals and managed your time.

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