Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gerald Genta 75% off at THE WATCHERY

Gerald Genta founded his company in beginning of the 1990's; however, his contribution to the world of horology began in 1969. Gerald Genta created designs for Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet (Royal Oak). Gerald Genta became close friends with Daniel Roth where, in the 1990's, they even shared a workshop space in Le Sentier until both sold their companies to Singapore distributor, Hour Glass; eventually both companies were sold to the Bulgari Group in 2000. Both companies still remain in Le Sentier, Switzerland and still share workshop space producing inspiring timepieces. Although Gerald Genta the company is no longer run by Gerald Genta the founder, the timepieces are still produced with the same craftsmanship ,attention, precision and originality of the timepieces designed and manufactured by Gerald Genta himself.

Gerald Genta's timepieces possess a vibrant energy infused with shapes, color, design and ,of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Many of the timepieces utilize a retrograde display whereby the minutes are displayed in an arc. Once the hand reaches the 60 minute mark, it jumps back to zero. The jumping hour is marked by an aperture where the relevant hour is displayed. Currently you can own a Gerald Genta for 75% off the list price.

Gerald Genta Retro Solo Fantasy Mens' Watch Automatic Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial Diamond Bezel on Black Strap ROF-M-10-999-CNBAS71

A wave of diamonds chasing frantic Mickey Mouse racing across mother-of-pearl. An image afforded only by dreams. You can own the Gerald Genta Retro Solo Fantasy for a dreamy $8,000, a total of 68% off the List Price.

Gerald Genta Arena Sport Bi-retro Mens' Automatic Watch Stainless Steel Red Dial Diamond Bezel BSP-Y-10-125-B1BDS02 55% off List Price - Yours for just $12,735.00

Shapes, colors, textures feed the senses as only Gerald Genta timepieces can. Step over the boundaries of boring and vamp up your image with a luxury watch swirling with diamonds; accentuated with deep red grills and minute and date indicators looking very much like soda can tabs. The movement is automatic, wound by the gentle swinging of ones arm.

75% off !!
Only $3,750.00 Genuine Gerald Genta
Gerald Genta Arena Retro Ladies' Watch 18K White Gold Salmon Beige Guilloche Dial on Brown Leather Strap REC-S-60-490-CB-BA
Now don't get too comfortable with your regular watch face, because Gerald Genta has a watch for you. The retrograde minutes with large 0, 30 and 60 resting on a salmon dial is a testament to the originality of Gerald Genta.

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