Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fossil Watches now at THE WATCHERY

Fossil Chronograph Stainless Steel Orange Dial Crystal Bezel Ladies' Watch CH2562

Now don't tell me the electric orange chronograph watch didn't catch your eye. It caught mine and I happen to love it. Fossil has this way with design that appeals to so many people. At $54 the Fossil Chronograph is highly affordable.
Fossil Twist Men's Dual Movement Stainless Steel PVD Coated Black Dial on Black Leather Strap Watch ME1037

The Fossil Twist displays a touch of the workings beneath the dial, acknowledging the presence of the underlying movement. The rose gold tone hands and dial markers are very much a current fashion statement. Rose gold and black stainless steel coated PVD work well together. This watch makes a perfect Father's Day gift. Your father will appreciate your gift, and your budget will remain intact.

Fossil watches are an excellent choice for Father's Day.

Fossil are excellent watches priced at affordable prices.

Fossil, Inc. boomed in the 1980's with its unique retro watch designs. Founded in 1984, Fossil was the second attempt at business for Tom Kartisotis, a Texas A&M dropout residing in Dallas. He started his first business in his early twenties, a ticket brokerage business. Tom and his business partner was quite successful in hawking tickets to Dallas Cowboy football games. However as time went on, Tom decided he did not want to scalp tickets all his life, and so Fossil, Inc. was born primarily due to the suggestion of his brother, Kosta Kartsotis.

Kosta was working at the time as a merchandising executive at a large Dallas based department store. He told Tom that there is a huge demand for inexpensive fashion savvy wristwatches. Tom could get the watches manufactured in the Far East and make a hefty profit by bringing them into the United States. At that time Swatch Watches had taken the world by storm (actually saving the mechanical watch industry) and there was always room for another inexpensive watch brand. Come to think of it, my first watch was a Swatch and my second a Fossil. I remember my Fossil watch had small multicolored stones around the bezel.

Tom was captivated by the possibilities his brother's suggestion provided, and he withdrew his savings, sold half of the scalping business and started the booming Fossil Inc, with $200,000.

The business expanded from there on, and now Fossil is a world renowned company and a household name.

THE WATCHERY has a huge selection of Fossil watches for even lower prices than your local department stores. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

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