Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's time to start thinking about Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up on June 21st, and its time to start thinking about a gift. A luxury watch is the best possible gift to give father this father's day.

Some men wear necklaces, some wear cuff links, some wear rings and some men wear tie clips, but all men wear watches. If they do not, they simple do not have one or have not found the watch they like. Get your father a luxury watch and you can be assured the watch will be worn.

Many men are of the useful sort, and although a power drill will be greatly appreciated, its use is limited. On the other hand, the usefulness of a watch never fades, as times keeps galloping by and to keep track of it is very useful indeed.

Now that I have stated quite a good case for the purchase of a luxury watch for father on Father's Day, I will tell you some of my favorites. At the top of the blog is my all time favorite the Concord Delirium. It is a watch fit for a man of class, distinction and style. The slim watch case lays flat on the wrist looking excellent beneath a well starched cuff. I have chosen just a single watch to display, this one quite dashing with its 18K yellow gold watch case, silver dial and black leather watch strap. The movement is a precise Swiss quartz; however, if you know your father prefers the traditional mechanical watch entrenched in the history of horology since the 1600, then THE WATCHERY has a wide selection.

If father has a certain pizazz and charm making him the center of attention (quite alright), then maybe a watch with a little more roar will befit him.

Concord Delirium Mens' Watch Manual Wind 18K White Gold Diamond Dial on Black Leather Strap 0308970

The Concord Delirium above is a magnificent specimen of raw power. It is almost sold out being a highly unique luxury timepiece with the appeal of a collectors item. The Concord Delirium luxury watch is reduced by 75% to a rock bottom price of $4,567.00 compare that with the List Price of $18,270.

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