Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the mood for some luxury watch fun and joy?

Do you need to brighten your life with relaxing luxury watches? Do you feel the stress of it all getting to you? I mean the Dow dropping below 8000 points and winter approaching and all that... I do not need to tell you the stressors of life. You need to break the cycle of stress and invest in a watch that has a calming happy effect. You need a watch that exudes a sense of control over time. Stress and anxiety is bad for the health. So I have scoured the vast array of high quality watches at The Watchery and I have hand picked my favourite "feel good" watches.

It will be quite a challenge to be gloomy with this Raymond Weil W1 Chronograph on your wrist. The lime green dial exudes warmth and well being.

A watch collection with the named "Happy" definitely appeals to the emotions of the wearer. This watch from Chopard has all the right key words and aesthetic appeal to bring forth images of fun and happiness. Happy + Sports + Beach and besides there are tiny little glittery fishies suspended happily above a sea of blue. (I am thinking vacation, warm sun, endless beaches and happy happy fish)

Blancpain's Villeret ladies 18 K White Gold Blue Mother of Pearl Dial emulates a mid afternoon summer sky with gently cirrus clouds wafting overhead.

This Corum Pyrimid Ladies Watch broadcasts fun, fun, fun. Sugar Cube's dial is tiny , a mere 16 mm across and 11 mm high. Its bright colors and "cotton candy pink" band with vivacious numerals on the dial pulsate with joy.

What better way to bring a smile to your face than Gerald Genta's Fantasy Watch. Yep! Thats Mickey and I am sure you have plenty happy childhood memories associated with that cute little mouse and besides Mickey has such a happy expression on his face as he points the time while balancing on one foot. Gerald Genta is a genius in Watch Design and his Fantasy Collections are my favorite.

There is also another good reason to smile or dance or wave your hands in the air with pure uncontrolable happiness - THE WATCHERY has lowered its prices just in time for the Holidays. Mind-Blowing Discounts. Check it out. You will not believe your eyes,some timepieces are 80% the List Price. Amazing. The Watchery has lowered its prices to make you happy for the Holiday Season. And I can assure you once you see the low low prices - Happy you will be!

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