Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't miss the Doorbuster Specials at The Watchery.Com

I just got off the phone and I have a little tidbit of information I think you will be very interested in knowing. I just heard that The Watchery may be selling Genuine Movado's for only $99, and my gut tells me to check it out. So when is this going to happen? Thursday night - midnight! When the clock strikes 12:01 am.

I know what you thinking,

"But how can these genuine Movados be $99 when the replicas are over $100?"

Well for one thing we are taking a loss to bring you these out of this world low prices on all our major watch brands. This is the season of giving and THE WATCHERY wants our customers to be on the receiving end of our generosity.
However supplies are extremely limited and that is why I wanted to get this piping hot information to you ASAP. This is truly a doorbuster sale and although you cannot see the virtual lines of eager shoppers threading from our cyber doors, believe me they are there - hand on mouse ready to point and click.
I still cannot believe that I can actually buy a Movado for $99. I love Movados. I love the lone dot at the top of the dial. The dot gives me a point of departure in a world of eternal time. A home base if you will, and that Watch with the Dot on the Top can be yours for a price that will shock even the hardiest of shoppers.
So as the clock strikes midnight ,after Thanksgiving, get ready to grab your mouse and get yourself a Movado for only $99. And when your friend comes to you with a knock off, you can show her your genuine article that you bought for less.

In addition THE WATCHERY has a huge selection of genuine high class luxury watches for rock bottom prices. This is the only website where there are so many super deals on so many styles. Now in this atmosphere of giving it is only right that you share this great deal with your family.

Enjoy the Savings and ...