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The Faces of the Corum Bubble Watch!

If you’ve
been shopping around for a Corum Bubble watch, you are most likely
overwhelmed by the varying sizes and styles the line includes. Here,
we’ll help you break down the Corum Bubble line so you can figure out
which size and color best suits your needs and style.

Although the
Corum Bubble line includes all the colors of the rainbow (and more!) –
one thing remains the same throughout – it’s innovate styling. Its
signature design is the unique domed sapphire crystal which offers
anti-glare protection and magnifies the dial. The
leather-stitched-to-rubber bracelet is also a phenomenal achievement in

Corum Bubble watches generally come in the following sizes:


They include some of the following styles:

Stainless steel case
18K white gold case
18K yellow gold case
18K rose gold case
Pave diamond case
Diamond bezel
Diamond arabic numerals
Mother of pearl dial
Leather-stitched-to-rubber strap
Rubber strap
Mesh strap
Diving capability
GMT 2-time zone

To choose a Corum Bubble watch, you need to narrow down your options to size, style and function.


The Corum Bubble watch isn’t
about labels, it’s about style. So we’re going to try and refrain from
classifying the watches in terms of Men’s and Women’s. Since all the
watch sizes incorporate both masculine and feminine hues, they are
easily interchangeable. For example, in the XL line, even though the
case measures in at 45mm wide (larger than most standard men’s
watches), it still includes a large array of feminine colors including
pink, turquoise, aqua, plum, lilac and many others. In addition, many
are complimented with diamond dials. So you may wonder if a woman can
pull off a jumbo watch, that even some men wouldn't wear. Or if a man
can get away with a diamond-studded watch with a pink strap? It’s all a
matter of taste. In today’s metrosexual society, men don’t shy away
from soft feminine hues. And lets face it - diamonds are no longer just
a girls best friend. Women are also opting for extra-large watch pieces
that get noticed. With that said, let’s take a look at the measurements
of the watches (all measurements are approximate).

Case width: 26mm (29 mm with crown).
Case length 30.7 with lugs.
Case thickness: 14mm (7.5 w/o domed glass).
Bracelet width: 13mm.
Bracelet length: fits a wrist size of 5-7 inches.

Case Width 35.5 mm (40 mm with crown)
Case Length 41.8 mm with lugs
Case Thickness 18 mm (11 mm without domed glass)
Bracelet Width 19 mm

Case Width 45 mm (50 mm with crown)
Case Length 53.5 mm with lugs
Case Thickness 21 mm thick (13 mm without domed glass)
Bracelet Width 23.5 mm
Bracelet Length Fits a wrist size of approx. 7-8 in.

To get a
picture of the general range in watch sizes, take this into account
(all measurements are approximate and are measured by the width of
the case):

Women’s Mini: 23mm-25mm.
Women’s Regular: 26mm-29mm
Midsize: 34mm-36mm.
Men’s: 37mm-39mm
Men’s sport: 40mm-42mm.
Mens XL: 45mm

Please note
that these are very general guidelines. Sizing depends on style and
manufacturer. Some tend to make very petite watches, while others make
larger models.

By the above
standards, you’ll notice that the Corum Bubble runs quite large. Still,
the Bubble is very appropriate for today’s trend of big watches.

There’s just
one more size element. In keeping with the “bigger is better” trend,
Corum realized that many of their customers with smaller wrists would
still want to wear the larger dials, so they designed a smaller size
strap to accommodate them. Here is a guideline of the watch strap sizes:

Small straps should fit a wrist size of 6-6.75 inches.
Regular straps should fit a wrist size of 6.5-7.25 inches.
XL small straps should fit a wrist size of approx. 6-7 inches.
XL regular straps should fit a wrist size of approx. 7-8 in.


Style, like
size, is a matter of personal taste. If you are looking to glitz up
your watch, you might want to opt for a diamond bezel. As far as color
– you can choose a more subtle pastel hue, or opt for the florescent,
brighter style. Dials come in white, black, or in a color matching the
strap. Some are available in mother of pearl. If you are looking for
the classic Corum look – opt for the leather-stitched-to-rubber
bracelet. It offers the look of real leather with the durability and
comfort of rubber. Otherwise if you want something less sporty, opt for
the mesh strap. And finally, a real sport-enthusiast might prefer the
all rubber style.

Some of the
many colors of the Corum Bubble straps and/or dials include white,
cream, vanilla, aqua, turquoise, light blue, royal blue, lavender,
light pink, hot pink, red, bright yellow, mustard yellow, orange, mint
green, black and brown.


If you are
looking for a reliable watch that you don’t want to have to wear in
order for it to run, you should go for a quartz model. Otherwise, if
you prefer a watch with a mechanical build, you should look for an
automatic style. If you like the timing capabilities of a chronograph,
with its 1/10th second, 30 minute, and 60 second registers – you should
opt for those models. If you are just looking to tell time, go for a
classic non-chronograph model. Lastly – the diver’s watch offers a
water resistance to 200 meters (150 more than the classic model) while
the GMT 2-time zone reflects the world time on a 24-hour scale and
allows you to monitor 2-time zones on your wrist.

We should
also make mention of the special edition Bubble collection that Corum
designed with unique dials. They include the Royal Flush, Baron Samedi,
Skeleton, Bats, Privateer, Casino, and Jolly Roger. Some of the diver's
watches are also available with outlandish styles - including shark
and tiger dials.

All in all, don't let the Corum Bubble define you. Switch things up and define it for yourself.

Here is a comprehensive view of
some of the many options available in the Corum Bubble, in this case,
with a black model. It's available in mini, midsize, and XL, with and
without a chronograph, with and without diamonds, on
leather-stitched-to-rubber, rubber and mesh straps, and some with diver
functionality. There are possibly even more options, but these are the
ones we’ve carried!

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